Conference expansion and the postseason: what are they getting us into?

Spencer Hall hits on something that I’m surprised isn’t getting more attention in the wake of the Pac-10’s attack of the Big XII Empire:  whither goest the BCS?

PROVISIONALS: IF this even happened and everyone somehow agreed to leave and form this superconference, the Division B of this proposed Megazord conference would be an imposing, barren reflection of man’s desert soul, the No Country for Old Men Division: Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Arizona, and Arizona State. An imposing, harsh, and majestic stretch of land that is, sirs and madams, and one where the BCS in its current form goes to die, since current conference tie-ins under realignment–already hopelessly screwed in existing expansion scenarios–are nasty doublefucked under this.

Is the Rose Bowl going to be happy with, say, Texas Tech as the Pac-10 representative one day?  What happens to the Big XII’s AQ slot?  Are USC, Texas and Oklahoma going to be able to live with the current prohibition against sending more than two schools from one conference to the BCS?

Me, I’m thinking this just pushes things more towards that four mega-conference, sixty-four school college football division that I think would be best… except what happens if the other surviving power conferences don’t expand equally?

Lots of questions and few answers now, although the mid-majors look to be totally cut out when the dust settles.  Which means the PlayoffPAC guys are missing the big picture with this whine.


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7 responses to “Conference expansion and the postseason: what are they getting us into?

  1. Dave

    Then the mountain west should absorb what they want of the old big 12 and get an auto qualifier….


  2. Otto

    I agree with Dave. The best of the MWC/WAC, and homeless Big12 teams restructure into a 16 team conf. with an auto bid.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Why wouldn’t the Rose Bowl people be happy with Texas Tech as a PAC-10 representative? They were happy with Washington State, weren’t they? You can’t get much more backwater than that.


    • It’s not backwater that’s the issue. It’s tradition.


      • Macallanlover

        So Delaney shouldn’t have let Penn State represent them in the Rose Bowl? I agree with you though, this monster move is moving a little too fast for me. I am in favor of the concept since it would get us a real playoff and legit NC but some thoughts about balance and geography would be preferable. Right now it is a pure money grab based on TV revenues relative to market penetration.

        There is a way to keep this equitable and profitable to all (we have all seen some of those proposals) if it weren’t done by power mongers who only care about their own selfish interests. Four Super Conferences with regional pride would drive CFB higher, this could ruin it.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        When Arizona and ASU joined the PAC-10 how much tradition was it when ASU (a college in the middle of the desert) went to the Rose Bowl? I don’t see much of a distinction between them and TTU.


  4. Ricky McDurden

    You’ve also go to wonder where the impending USC sanctions (if they ever actually happen) factor into this. I see this as the Pac-10 making a power play and covering their asses in the event USC gets hti hard.