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“He had a lot of bad dealings with Georgia coaches.”

I’ll say one thing – at least Da’Rick Rogers has enough sense not to air his grievances (assuming he really has any) in the media. (h/t Michael Carvell)


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It’s another episode of why Georgia is doomed, 2010 edition.

Phil Steele just published his list of 2010’s toughest schedules.  At #44 overall, Georgia checks in with the second easiest schedule in the SEC East.

And because I know it’s the next question on your mind, Steele ranked last year’s schedule seventh in the country and second most difficult in the division.


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Monday lunch buffet

Grab a plate and go, folks.

  • ESPN’s Pac-10 blogger speculates that the rumors of six Big XII teams getting offers from the Pac-10 may simply be leverage to get Missouri and Nebraska to give up on a move to the Big Ten and settle for the broadcast joint venture between the two conferences that was discussed last month.  Makes as much sense as anything else I’ve read at this point.
  • David Hale can’t figure out why Mark Richt keeps bringing up the Todd Grantham hiring story.  Me neither.
  • It never would have occurred to me to ask this question.
  • Maybe Aaron Murray’s lack of experience will have an impact on Georgia’s summer workouts.
  • Good post at Leather Helmet Blog about multimedia rights and what’s being paid for them.
  • Interesting data at Tomahawk Nation about which schools generate more TV interest in bowl games, relatively speaking.  (The top ranked SEC school over the last eight years ranks eighteenth, and is your Georgia Bulldogs.)
  • Noted UF and Spurrier worshiper Pat Dooley looks over SEC hot seats and doesn’t find Mark Richt occupying one.  It’s a trend, I tells ‘ya!


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Another rhetorical question

With word now that the Mountain West has put its Boise State invite on hold in the hopes that it can scarf the table scraps from the imploded remains of the Big XII, I’m wondering something:  how can anyone square an accusation of collusion on the part of the D-1 powers-that-be with the Darwinian rugby scrum that is engulfing college football presently?


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About that ultimatum…

Three questions about the Big XII’s brinksmanship with two of its member institutions:

  1. What happens exactly if Missouri and Nebraska don’t express their undying fealty to the conference by the deadline?
  2. What happens if Missouri and Nebraska simply lie about staying with the Big XII until they receive the coveted Big Ten offer?
  3. Even if Missouri and Nebraska honestly wish to stay in a viable Big XII, how does that stop the six schools supposedly being courted by the Pac-10 from leaving?

I think I’m getting burned out with conference expansion talk.


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If only we had a playoff…

Shorter Dan Wetzel:   the same guys that are greedy enough to pursue a ruthless course of conference expansion were not greedy enough to pursue an enlightened course of postseason expansion that would have made them even richer.


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