About that ultimatum…

Three questions about the Big XII’s brinksmanship with two of its member institutions:

  1. What happens exactly if Missouri and Nebraska don’t express their undying fealty to the conference by the deadline?
  2. What happens if Missouri and Nebraska simply lie about staying with the Big XII until they receive the coveted Big Ten offer?
  3. Even if Missouri and Nebraska honestly wish to stay in a viable Big XII, how does that stop the six schools supposedly being courted by the Pac-10 from leaving?

I think I’m getting burned out with conference expansion talk.


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  1. 1. Then half the South Division accepts an offer to join the Pac-10.
    2. If the Big Ten doesn’t step up with offers for two alleged targets in this situation, it’s probably a sign Nebraska and Mizzou aren’t really wanted..
    3. Because Texas doesn’t really want to leave the Big 12 if it’s certain the conference remains intact. It’s won a BCS title there, become the most profitable athletic department in the nation and would have a much better chance of exploring an all-Texas network, which it couldn’t in the Pac-10 or Big Ten. And so goes Texas, so goes the rest of the South.


    • Matt, the questions were largely rhetorical.

      I realize this is primarily about Texas (with a little Nebraska tossed in), but my point here is that I don’t see how the players in this little kabuki dance can really trust each other that much at this point.

      And there’s something amusing about Texas wanting to pursue what’s in its best interests (i.e., maximum revenue generation along with a favorable set up for pursuing national titles) while at the same time seeking to prevent Nebraska from chasing its own financial dreams.

      The whole thing smacks of Texas trying to set things up so that it can blame another school for the destruction of the Big XII, if that’s what in fact comes to pass. Even though we all know it’s about the Longhorns.


  2. Connor

    Do you get the feeling that this is a game being played by a lot of people who are frankly in over their heads? It’s probably because the whole situation us so unprecedented, but there’s a wrecklessness to the proceedings that is a little surprising. Obviously we are not getting the whole story all the time. What we have gotten though, in the form of quotes and cryptic emails, makes it sound like a lot of people whose jobs don’t involve much intrigue suddenly wallowing in it. But it’s still very juvenile, like they all watched the Godfather and All the President’s Men too many times. Ultimatums? Politicians trying to swap Baylor for Colorado? Even the Pac 10 announcing their commish had authority to pursue “any and all options”; are there code names for these plans? Operation Enduring Hegemony, maybe?
    It’s disheartening to see the whole thing treated so frivolously, it makes me doubt very much that the end result will be very appealling. After a brief hope that this process might actually bring some new balance to the game, I’ve become convinced it’s only going to bring chaos. I think you’re going to have to get used to it going on a while longer.


    • It’s disheartening to see the whole thing treated so frivolously, it makes me doubt very much that the end result will be very appealling.

      A very good point. It’s the same one I keep making in response to people who insist that an extended playoff will work out great for D-1 football.


    • My OCD tendencies are also uncomfortable with the idea of more conferences with misnomers like the Big 1o-ish has currently. The Pac-10+? extending into areas with no Pacific coastline?! The SEC changing its acronym to read Southern Edge of the Country?! It’s madness I tells ya!


  3. GirlDawg

    This is the biggest Man Soap Opera I have seen in ages! Who said what, who emailed who… who asked who to the dance first! LOVE IT.


  4. 69Dawg

    I wonder if the Big-10+1 can hold to it’s extended 18 month time frame if the Big-12 soon to be 4 really can exert pressure on Nebraska and Missouri?

    Texas can always just form the Texas League by adding TCU, SMU, Houston and Rice.


  5. Reforming the SWC makes more sense from a U.of Texas point than any other option I have seen.


  6. Dawgfan17

    What happens if all the conferences decide to do a keeper fantasy draft. Each conference can protect 6 teams. All its other teams are then put into a draft and have at it.


  7. IF:? If Texas has enough clout. If Texas wants to keep the state closed. If Texas can get a strong enough TV deal. Would they possibly consider a conference of the 8 Texas schools plus OK & OKS. If so, could they possible offer enough incentive to get ARK. & LSU to consider joining them? They both recruit heavily in Texas, have potential strong rivalry games in Texas, & have no really strong rivalry games within the SEC. If I amTexas, then I would seriously consider this possibilty. IF:?.


  8. I agree. But the whole ailgnment mess is a WHAT IF.