Another rhetorical question

With word now that the Mountain West has put its Boise State invite on hold in the hopes that it can scarf the table scraps from the imploded remains of the Big XII, I’m wondering something:  how can anyone square an accusation of collusion on the part of the D-1 powers-that-be with the Darwinian rugby scrum that is engulfing college football presently?


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4 responses to “Another rhetorical question

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Darwinian rugby scrum”

    Nice. Very nice.


  2. Smitty

    Since we are posing questions I have a few. How can these “super conferences” with 16 teams have any kind of identity since they will not be playing the teams in the other division all that much? Are they going to play 10 conference games? Will anyone be able to run the table with tougher games added?


  3. Griffin

    What I don’t get is who exactly does the MWC think they’re gonna get from the Big 12 leftovers? Iowa State? Kansas State?

    Kansas & Nebraska would run to the Big 10. Maybe Colorado, but it’s still a big step down.