“He had a lot of bad dealings with Georgia coaches.”

I’ll say one thing – at least Da’Rick Rogers has enough sense not to air his grievances (assuming he really has any) in the media. (h/t Michael Carvell)


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15 responses to ““He had a lot of bad dealings with Georgia coaches.”

  1. hailtogeorgia

    It seems to me that the only person being unprofessional in this situation is Nash Nance.


  2. heyberto

    Wasn’t Rogers recruited by Kiffin’s staff? I don’t think its hard to arrive at the conclusion that their staff would create conflict where there might not have been. There are two sides to every story, but getting this second hand through Nance doesn’t strike me as very accurate.


  3. GirlDawg

    Spoken as a true Southern Belle.. “Isn’t That Nice!!” ouch.. my tongue is bleeding…..


  4. Russell

    Whatever…Let the Bastion of Sanity that is UT football revel in the fact that UGA was not “professional” in their dealings with the young men, and that our fan base makes death threats. I hope it makes them feel superior, since none of that has happened in their neck of the woods.


  5. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Interviews like this are why Dooley’s tried so hard to keep UT’s program and the local media at arm’s length.

    Nice job by Nance of not picking up at all on Dooley’s attitudes regarding media interaction.


  6. Dawgfan17

    Just a question, if he had a lot of bad dealings with UGA’s coaches why was he committed to them in the first place? Just a thought.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “I’m glad we picked the right school.” Nash Nance–Maybe he’ll rethink that statement after the Vols go 0-8 in the SEC and get dusted by Vanderbilt this season (I hope).


  8. Bill M.

    God i Nash Nance actually makes it on to the field during his 5 years in Knoxville…..


  9. 69Dawg

    You have to admire Rodger’s loyalty to his friend. Let’s face it if UT had not wanted Rodgers bad enough to waste a scholly on Nance then none of this would have happened. The father was just doing what the couple in Blindside were accused of and that’s using a gifted player to get something for himself.

    UT’s biggest problem is that they have to recruit nationally because East TN just does not have the horses. I personally don’t think Dooley can do that. If UGA and Ala shut the door on UT then it’s going to be a bad time at UT.


  10. The Realist

    Nash referring to the UGA staff as unprofessional? How would he know? He wasn’t even on UGA’s radar. The only reason he would have been around the program was because he was tagging along with Rogers.

    Plus, why throw “unprofessional” stones when two guys that were “committed” to programs changed their minds… one at the last minute, leaving a program that had invested quite a bit in him in a lurch?

    And to insinuate that Da’Rick chose Tennessee for any reason other than Nash’s last minute scholarship offer is completely disingenuous. We “leg humpers” at least exist on a rational plane (mostly).


    • dudetheplayer

      What makes it even better is that he is referring to the Kiffin staff, as they were the ones recruiting Da’rick.

      Kiffin just screams professionalism.


  11. Speaking only for myself……I have never placed a lot of importance on what an 18 year old spoiled brat had to say.

    Maybe Diddy can buy Nash some nice tweezers to pick the splinters out of his ass and a fancy clipboard to hold….I think he’s gonna need em.


  12. Robert Inskip

    Nance was not even included in Rivals’ state, national, and QB rankings. It’s annoying how he just grabbed the headlines by opening his mouth.


  13. Anon

    If unprofessional equals hand holding you to the finish line of qualification and graduation, then yes, we were unprofessional.

    I’m afraid if this young man gets more than just positive feedback we could see some fireworks.

    He’s only going to be up there “for two or three years,” so that should be enough time for him to build his brand anyhow.


  14. ugalaw

    Nance’s sour grapes over not receiving an offer from UGA is reaching the point of comedy.