It’s another episode of why Georgia is doomed, 2010 edition.

Phil Steele just published his list of 2010’s toughest schedules.  At #44 overall, Georgia checks in with the second easiest schedule in the SEC East.

And because I know it’s the next question on your mind, Steele ranked last year’s schedule seventh in the country and second most difficult in the division.


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  1. Reptillicide



  2. Reptillicide

    On another note, you could take this as a positive or a negative. If we DID win the East, and the SEC, with a 1 loss record… do we get snubbed by the BCS if Boise State and Ohio State are undefeated?

    I’ll bet that’s a scenario that nobody has thought about.


    • DawgPhan

      I couldn’t care less if we got “snubbed” and we were 12-1 with an SEC championship in our pocket. I doubt that is happening, but even if it did having the SEC Championship would keep me warm during the winter.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The SEC having won 5 BCSNCs in a row there is a likelihood that hanky panky will occur if the SEC champ looks like it will win a 6th in a row. I would not be at all surprised to see a media campaign not unlike the 2007 smear of UGA by the WWL and its minions if the SEC champ is UGA and 2 of their media darlings are in the hunt for a berth in the BCSNC game.


  3. Mike

    The toughness of the schedule is OCC driven. By-in-large, UGA plays the same SEC schedule every year. They luck out missing Bama this year, but they do play Arkansas. We will soon see if either of those two teams are pretenders


  4. Playing against Spurrier & Garcia, then Petrino.& Mallett ? during the first 3 games does not appear to be a soft schedule to me. MSU will pull some upsets this year. Seems like a typical tough SEC schedule to me. The SEC is harder to win & means more to me than the MNC. 2010= year of the Dawg.


  5. Mayor of Jagtown

    I realize that this is a UGA blog not a University System of Georgia blog and that I am hijacking the thread a bit with this. Nobody is a bigger or more loyal Dawg fan than I am. However, before I was a Bulldog I was a Jaguar. Something monumental occurred this past weekend that makes me as proud as when the Herschel Walker-led Dawgs won the 1980 NCAA D-I football championship. Augusta State University, a 5000 student member of the University System of Georgia, won the NCAA D-I National Championship in golf, defeating in the match play final Oklahoma State (the perennial national champs) and, to make things even sweeter, also beating GTU in an earlier match at the national tournament. I used to play on the golf team at Augusta State (a VERY long time ago) before transferring to and graduating from UGA, so I am an alum of both schools. Fortunately, I was not conflicted this weekend as the Dawg team, which also has won the D-I title in golf in the recent past, did not make it through regionals and was not part of the national tourney. There is a “Hoosiers” element to this that should not be overlooked. The President of Augusta State said it best on TV last night: ” There is no golf team member of NCAA D-I that has a smaller athletic budget than Augusta State.” Good really does triumph sometimes, particularly in sports. God Bless the Jags.


    • Mayor of Jagtown

      P.S. Even though it is 90 degrees I am wearing my ASU letter sweater as I am typing this.



    Go Jags.

    From an ASU graduate, kudos on the nice post, Mayor.

    Not quite Hoosieresque, perhaps, but sorta like had the #150 seed beat Nadal in Paris this weekend.

    T. Woods-style drama, with an ASU golfer getting the winning point after being down 4 with 7 to play.

    Sadly, not one word about this triumph on today.