That’s why they want to pay them the big bucks.

Make sure you read cocknfire’s complete shredding of the role academics allegedly plays in all this conference reconfiguration talk.

I’ll be more impressed when Texas enters into merger talks with the Ivy League.  Until then, keep the faux posturing under wraps, you sanctimonious twerps.



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12 responses to “That’s why they want to pay them the big bucks.

  1. Reptillicide

    Here, here. I’ve had it with the self-righteous posturing of those pricks trying to act like they are Primceton or something.


  2. Doug

    They hired Lane Kiffin. On purpose.

    Really, how smart can they be?


  3. GawdSport

    Q: Who’s the most famous TX Alum in past qtr of century?

    A: VY & what did he score on his Wonderlic??? A 7?? Had to retake it?

    Yeah sure TX = Academic superiority. When UR most reconizable alum can’t read, write or think, that tells me what kind of ed. U get. Go stuff it Pac-10, TX, et al


  4. NCT

    There’s no question that Texas, Stanford, and Cal are stellar academic institutions. And as cocknfire points out, the top few of the Pac 10 are really tops. But guess what? Vandy, UF, and UGA aren’t exactly slouches. And spare me the snobbery when you’re playing with Washington State and Oregon State and flirting with Oklahoma State.


    • Will

      I echo Kyle King here when I ask how long it will take UGA, with a Medical school, to earn an AAU invite. I know he discussed this a few months ago, and I’d be surprised if after the successful start of the MCG extension here in Athens we don’t eventually move into the prestigious realm of AAU schools.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    There is NO reason for the Pac 10 or Big 10 to expand, other than money. Greed. And we’re responsible for a lot of that here in the SEC, with all of the freaking dough we’ve been stacking up for years, don’t get me wrong. But the fact is, the BCS conferences are making plenty of money right now. The Big 10 is stacking money, so is the Pac 10. They want more. But why? These should not be money-making enterprises. I have never been an advocate for paying players or any of that business, but if all of a sudden we have a Made-for-TV Pac 16 or Big 10 (and-2-or-4) then we’re officially professional sports, with players who have to make more than just a scholarship to justify the ridiculous amounts of money that would be generated. Do you really need diamond-encrusted bidets in an indoor-practice facility just to recruit?

    Enough’s enough, sorry to sound like President Obama on this one, but the Big 12 and Big 10 and Pac 10 all make enough money. Notre Dame makes enough money. If ND wants to join a conference, go for it. It’s about time. But shredding the landscape just so your next TV deal can be worth zillions is unnecessary and distasteful.


  6. JC in Powder Springs

    Hmm, where does one start with cocknfire’s story. I’d believe Notre Dame is in the driver’s seat long before I’d believe they aren’t a factor in the big 11 expansion. Academics – I understand that all top colleges nationwide, particularly a state’s flagship school, are getting tougher to enter for even the brightest freshmen.

    Truth is, the big 11 and Pac 10 want to emulate the SEC. The SEC is the master of college football. Most innovative – SEC had the first conference playoff. SEC has the most loyal, interested and invested fans, regardless of media territory. SEC is the most competitive on the field. Etc. etc. etc.