Wednesday morning buffet

It’s the post-Peach State Preview breakfast line!

  • Here’s one thing that makes me nervous about the 2010 season for Georgia:  finding adequate depth at outside linebacker from the incoming freshman class“Those guys are the body types we think will fit into that role,” Richt said. “I hope we don’t have to rely on those guys as they’re trying to figure it out, and some of them have got to grow a little bit physically, too. T.J.’s not a really thick guy right now. Dexter’s a little bit slim. Burrows is a bit more physical. But we need to get those guys in there and learn what to do, and hopefully we don’t have to play them too much.”
  • And MaconDawg points out another area that makes me nervous, not just about 2010, but about 2011.  Because Georgia will need a new #1 then.
  • Nervous item #3, Aaron Murray“Certain things you can’t be good at it unless you do them and do them in a game,” Richt said. “You can’t simulate a game, you can’t simulate national TV, you can’t simulate playing against whoever we’re going to play on our schedule. Along the way, there’s going to be bumps in the road and hopefully we can minimize those. The fact that he’s surrounded by a lot of veteran players on offense should help.”
  • Talk about your mixed emotions – Bleacher Report is amateurish at best, this post is an embarrassing example of that… and yet, I find myself taking a certain amount of pleasure in the angst it’s generating in Tech Land.  Does that make me a bad person?
  • At this point, no Lew Perkins story surprises me.  I will say that if he worked at Texas Tech, that $600K retention bonus due next year would be so not paid…
  • Every time I read a story about how much the Big Ten paid out to its member institutions, the number continues to shrink.  Now it’s down to $19.9 million per team, according to University of Michigan Chief Financial Officer Jason Winters.  Obviously, that’s nothing to sneer at, but it’s not the yawning gap over the SEC that’s been portrayed, either.  (Nor does that include these moneys.)


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8 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Dawgaholic

    Crazy conference expansion scenario of the day:
    (1) Big Ten gets Nebraska, Missouri, and Rutgers
    (2) Pac-10 gets the Big 12 6
    (3) ACC expands with WVU, Cuse, Pitt, and Uconn, Louisville, or USF effectively killing Big East Football
    (4) Notre Dame cannot make a schedule and refuses to let Delaney dictate to them that they join the big 10- so they join the SEC along with Kansas. SEC significantly expands national coverage for football and basketball without creating a significantly more difficult conference for football. Notre Dame instantly restores football credibility and gains rivals. Kansas is saved from the MWC.

    Doubt this will happen but factors exist to make it a possibility.


  2. I read that Bleacher Report article with an open mind, but… wow. The nicest thing I can say about it is that it’s very definitively Bleacher Reporty. Did you see that guy’s previous article? It’s about Texas joining the ACC! He’s simply trolling the entire planet right now.

    By the way, I’m a Tech fan who reads your blog, as I have to stay up on UGA for an upcoming blog project — I enjoy your work.


  3. Richt-Flair

    I can’t help but look at Greene’s redshirt freshman year and hope we can bring Murray around in similar fashion (but with a W or 2 more). He’s got an experienced O-line, best receiver in the nation and depth at RB. In 2001 Musa was hurt for chunks of the season and Haynes didn’t really get going at RB until after the Auburn loss. But for all the minimizing the staff wants to do, Murray’s eventually going to have the “it” moment, in a key game, where he has to make a play.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      Dawgs need to copy bama’s 09 playbook – run, run, run. Nobody gave McElroy credit for being able to throw a football until the SEC championship.

      Stike all that, just use Vince Dooley’s playbook.


  4. It’s fair to say that there’s not much of a revenue gap between the Big 10 and SEC right now. The problem is that the Big 10 should see those revenues continue to grow rapidly as the Network does. The SEC has no immediate way to match that growth–those ancillary media rights are only worth so much (the LeatherHelmet post makes a note of that, since Ohio St. is earning just as much from theirs w/out the TV rights attached) and the main TV contract is locked in for another decade.

    So yes, the SEC is only a little behind now–but a little behind now equals WAY behind several years from now unless the CBS/ESPN contracts are renegotiated.