Forget the cupcakes.

Say what you will about the man, but Urban Meyer’s record against top 25 teams is pretty bloody impressive.


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  1. JaxDawg

    Ok I’ll state the obvious – it helps when you have a baby rhino at QB, although Tebow’s first year as starter resulted in 4 losses.

    And for those that would disagree with me, tell me what Dooley’s record was with HW.

    Try 33-3.

    Of course this only holds water if you consider Tebow to be one of CFB’s greatest players. I expect Meyer’s record to even out eventually.


  2. The Dawgs have the Jax. Jinx to contend with. It is a “mind game” thing. Until the SEC DCs & D teams learn to handle the UF spread, things will not change. I do not understand why SEC Ds can not negate the UF spread O.
    IF the Dawgs had been more sucessful against UF, then CMR would be much higher up on this list.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      There’s no jinx. Dooley went 15-5 in Jax! Championship-level coaches find a way. Saban showed everyone how to beat fl – now all CMR has to do is copy the plan.


  3. Will Trane

    UF had great players and great coaches with a great scheme. Some of those coaches are gone, ie, OC and DC. Those lost coaches may start showing up. No doubt Tebow was the engine that drove that offense. He was built for it. Let’s see how it goes now that he is the NFL.

    Now we see why the PAC 10 wants some more teams now that USC had its lights dimmed by the NCAA. Those are steep penalties. It could set USC back for awhile with the post season ban and the the years of lost scholarships. Three quarters of America does not see or hear PAC teams due to time zones. Nobody watches a football replay unless it is their alma mater. Yeah, Colorado is a good fit with an APR close to Washington State.
    Good deal…but in the long run for whom.

    How many time do you think Tulane and Tech regret leaving the SEC?

    The Big 12 was solid. For those University presidents, ADs, and Boards to give that up makes you question their smarts.

    SEC needs to sit pat for awhile, and lets see how the river rolls.


  4. Derek

    Didn’t Urban win a National Title with Chris Leak as the starter? I think I remember that correctly. Like him or not Meyer is an exceptional football coach. If, and its a big if, Meyer wins big post-Tebow (meaning an addition 2 National Titles), I think he’ll go down as the best SEC coach since Bryant. I think his record shows that he equally as good, if not better, than Saban or Spurrier right now.

    I want to beat him as badly as anyone and I hope he falls on his face, but I’m not dumb enough to ignore what is clear: The man can flat coach a football team. CMR can have the UGA job for life as far as I’m concerned, and I’d rather have him that either Urban or Saban, but I have no hesitation in agreeing with anyone that we have the third best coach in the SEC. CMR is doing what he needs to do though to compete with both of those guys it would not shock me in the least to see us beat both Bama and UF this season. Follow that up with a big 2011 and I’ll be ready to re-shuffle the deck a little.


  5. Mike

    So what is going to happen to the UGA fan psyche when/if Florida wins THIS year?

    Remember, Richt was supposed to be the guy that solved the Spurrier jinx.

    Richt was 0-1 against Spurrier

    Richt was supposed to be the guy to turn the series around when Florida hired Ron Zook.

    Richt was 1-2 against Zook, and the lone win was the first Florida game after Zook was fired.

    Richt’s pro-set was supposed to far superior to Meyer’s spread

    Richt is 1-4 against Meyer’s spread.

    Matthew Stafford was supposed to deliver UGA to the promised land and be the first UGA QB in 20 years to have a winning record against Florida..

    Stafford was 1-3 against Florida as a UGA player. Moreover, 2008 was the year UGA was ranked pre-season number one. Yet Stafford lost 3 games and got blown out by Florida.