Just one kiss

It doesn’t sound like it took too much convincing on Mark Richt’s part to turn Nick Marshall from the Dark Side:

“This really all came out of the blue,” Wilcox County football coach Mark Ledford told the AJC’s Chip Towers. “Nick was leaning to Georgia Tech as of late last week. He had a close relationship to Georgia Tech the last month or so. Then out of the blue, Coach Richt called and wanted to offer him as a defensive back.

“Nick told me Monday he wanted to commit to Georgia. I said let’s talk about it Tuesday and see if you feel the same way. We talked after his work out and he said he defintely wanted to go To Georgia. I talked to his Mom and explained what that meant. She called Coach Richt and committed [Tuesday] night.”

What about being a “silent commitment” to Georgia Tech? “I don’t know if you’d call it a silent commit,” Ledford told Towers. “I’m not sure where that term came from. I’ll just say he was very close to committing to Georgia Tech.”


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8 responses to “Just one kiss

  1. Zdawg

    But…but…recruiting in the state of Georgia will change now that CPJ is at the helm at Tech. That’s what the AJC said. It must be true.


    • Will



      • MenloDawg

        At this point, Tech fans are claiming he was offered as a DB at Tech, realized he couldn’t play basketball there because of better talent, and switched his “silent committment” (that may have never existed)

        Just pitiful.


        • hailtogeorgia

          Oh, right, the better talent they have now that Favors is gone, Lawal is gone, and Georgia’s Mr. Basketball Marcus Thornton just committed to UGA. Wait, didn’t we beat them last year? So much for that better talent.


  2. Rival

    Suck it, nerds.


  3. Irishdawg

    My, this schadenfreude tastes just like key lime pie. Delicious.


  4. Hobnail_Boot