Kiffin watch: Karma is a bitch, pal.

Yesterday may have been the most insane day in the history of college football.  Ever.  Between the Masoli dismissal (best Afromanesque line on Twitter:  “I could have played football, but I got high.”) and of course the continually swirling stories about what schools were or weren’t going to what conferences, it seemed like something was going down every other minute.

Then there’s the Southern Cal sanctions story.  The LA Times is reporting that the NCAA is going to penalize USC over the Bush/Mayo problems with significant scholarship reductions and a two-year bowl ban.  Now some are going to dismiss this as not much more than a severe slap on the wrist –  Kiffin and Coach O are recruitin’ geniuses, doncha know/USC wasn’t playing for a national title in the next two years anyway is likely to be the spin employed – but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that what’s been handed down is harsh enough to make even the most rabidly anti-NCAA Alabama partisan satisfied.

The key is a somewhat obscure NCAA enforcement provision that, to his credit, Matt Zemek at CFN is all over:

… Two years, though, represents another level of book-throwing on the part of the NCAA. This is as severe a punishment as anyone could have expected; in all candor, it likely exceeded the consensus prediction. USC is likely to hemorrhage recruits because NCAA bylaws – as provided by The Bylaw Blog – give athletes more freedom of movement if a school’s period of bowl-game ineligibility is prolonged rather than limited.

Bylaw says the following: “No release needed to contact SAs (student athletes) if school has postseason ban for the rest of their eligibility.” Bylaw 14.8.2 says this: “The COI (Committee on Infractions) can recommend a waiver to allow SAs to transfer and play immediately if ban is for the rest of their eligibility.” [Emphasis added.]

As you can see, the reality of a two-year bowl ban would naturally have an exponentially greater (negative) effect than a one-year ban. It will possess far more reach than a one-year ban and change the minds of numerous USC football recruits. It’s impossible to think that a substantial player exodus WON’T occur now that the two-year bowl ban has been handed down…

In other words, if the bowl ban holds up (and I expect USC to appeal that hard), it’s open season on Trojan juniors and seniors.  Between that and the reduction in scholarships, you can expect that Junior will be experiencing a few years in the wilderness.  Although at least he’s being well compensated for it.  Still, if you’re a Tennessee fan, there’s got to be some satisfaction in knowing that the program the Laner left has a better chance at postseason success over the next few years than where he’s at now.

That shouldn’t be all, either.  To complete the just desserts cycle, if I’m Derek Dooley, I’m on a plane to Pasadena faster than you can say “it’s all part of the plan”.  And the first person I’m speaking with is Mitch Mustain.  Or his mama.  Maybe pick up an offensive lineman or two while I’m out there.  After all, pipelines can flow both ways.

And now you know why Southern Cal wound up with Lane “It’s My Dream Job” Kiffin as its head coach.


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32 responses to “Kiffin watch: Karma is a bitch, pal.

  1. RusDawg

    You forgot about the forfeit wins from 2004 part…..not nearly as big, in my mind, but to some people it may be huge…..cough, cough……Auburn fans……


  2. FLDawg

    USC could lose its 2004 championship under BCS rules

    The question that has loomed large is this: if the NCAA rules Bush violated the rules and took money while he was still on the team, he could be declared ineligible. What would happen to the 2004 national championship USC won?

    Since the BCS game is not under the auspices of the NCAA, that decision would be up to the BCS. USA Today reported that there is a BCS rule stipulating what would happen should a player be deemed ineligible:

    Quietly in early 2007, as the investigation into USC and alleged improprieties involving Bush and his family was unfolding, college football’s Bowl Championship Series drew up a policy calling for teams’ BCS appearances and BCS titles to be vacated when major rules violations subsequently are discovered and the institutions are sanctioned by the NCAA.

    BCS chief Bill Hancock confirmed the rule to USA Today but also said nothing would happen until the end of the NCAA process, including all appeals.

    The NCAA report on USC could come any day now. This past weekend, I spoke with former COI chief Tom Yeager about the no-win situation that faces the committee every time it rules in a high-profile case.

    Vacating wins has become the punishment du jour of the COI (see Florida State, Alabama). So vacating the championship is not out of the realm of possibility. That would mean the record books would list no national champion for 2004. Vacating is different from forfeiting — it just leaves an empty hole in the record book of the team that gets the punishment. Victories are not added to the opponent.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Just like when Corch got fined:

    There’s justice in this cruel world!


  4. Gob

    if I’m Derek Dooley, I’m on a plane to Pasadena faster than you can say “it’s all part of the plan”. And the first person I’m speaking with is Mitch Mustain. Or his mama. Maybe pick up an offensive lineman or two while I’m out there. After all, pipelines can flow both ways.

    Ho-lee crap. Though I would prefer it if our divisional rival remained in its weakened state, that would be some kind of poetic justice.


  5. Prov

    The two-Pete…err…the one-Pete is no more!!


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    How attractive would a red-shirt senior qb be to Tennessee?


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  8. Ricky McDurden

    Dear USC Trojans,

    Have fun keeping Kiffin’s mouth shut for the duration of your probation. Their greasing up the guillotine as we speak


  9. Greg

    This is actually a good thing for the Laner. He’s never produced much in the way of tangible results anywhere he’s been and anything less than perfect would have been a disappointment at USC….until now. He’s got a built-in excuse that’ll keep him employed for at least 4-5 years and, knowing what we know about Kiffin, he’ll be using that excuse to the hilt for as long as possible.


  10. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I don’t think the transfer thing will play out to be a big deal.

    How many juniors or seniors will actually transfer? I doubt any senior will leave to try and learn a new system somewhere else. And my guess is that only two or three juniors will leave, and those transfers will be guys who aren’t on the two deep roster and aren’t likely to make the two deep roster.


  11. Normaltown Mike

    If this in fact is the penalty, we should expect Kiffin to announce that he told his players during spring ball that “as long as I’m head coach at USC, we will not receive the death penalty or more than 2 years of a bowl ban for the Reggie Bush NCAA violations from 2004”


  12. Bankwalker

    Speaking of karma – I’d be more than a little paranoid if Mark Richt actively recruited players on USC’s campus. The tactic sounds more like a hanging curve in Urban Meyer’s strike zone than anything out of Derek Dooley’s playbook. Dirtbags will always have grimy fingernails.


    • DawgPhan

      Make no mistake, it is going to be open season on USC players if they allow them to transfer without sitting out. It wont be like the teams making the offers are the deleware states of the world, lots of major d-1 BCS type teams are going to come a calling to fill a need. Anyone needing a QB would be stupid to not go talk to Mustain.

      Look at all the Jr’s and Sr’s on that defense who are now being told that they will never play in another rose bowl or any bowl game and they wont be able to win a title while @ USC.


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    Suck it down Laner.

    Eat shit Trojans.

    Gentlemen, I present your 2004 National Champion Auburn Tigers.

    SEC: 6 of the last 7 national titles.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Now if we could just get the 2002 Ohio State team disqualified…….(Wasn’t there something about Maurice Clarett?)