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New Gator fashion statement

It’s not a revolution in jorts… just an evolution.

Those bad boys will come in handy when the Porta Potty lines in Jax get too long.

(h/t Michael Felder)


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Terry Holland explains it all.

Terry Holland, who will always occupy a warm place in my heart for leading Virginia to its first (and, sadly, only) ACC basketball title and is now the athletic director at Eastern Carolina, has for some reason decided to post his view of where the college athletic world is at the moment as the conference musical chairs game whirls on.

It’s an interesting read – equal parts bravado (“Conference USA is rapidly preparing to compete for the remaining Big 12 members if the meltdown continues to a full implosion.”), obviousness (“The Big East has been in a bunker mentality, hoping to keep enough of its eight current members to remain a viable FBS (formerly Division I-A) Conference with automatic qualification for BCS bowl games.”) and insight:

… As for the rest of the expansion nationwide, I believe Texas will hold the Big 12 together. Texas and Oklahoma should be very happy to say “good riddance” to the conference championship game. Those two teams have a better chance for each to end up in BCS Bowls in a given season without the “double jeopardy” that a conference championship game creates for them. In fact, a nine-member Big Whatever should be their goal.

If Texas holds the Big Whatever together, the Pac 10’s “quick strike” will come back to haunt them because they are now committed to finding at least one more member who can add value to the Pac 10. Colorado’s main value was as “bait” for Texas, Oklahoma, etc… in order to create real value for the Pac 10.

Take a look at the whole thing.


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Kiffin watch: it’s all part of the (new) plan.

Prepare to read a lot of this sort of BS over the next few months:

… WHILE SOME might think UCLA is the big winner in all this, it’s Lane Kiffin, who gets two years of practice and exhibition games before he really has to follow in Carroll’s footsteps.

Right.  It’s just that if all USC needs is a place holder for the next couple of years, you’d think they could find somebody who’d cost a lot less than Kiffin père et fils.

Anyway, Ben Dukes comes up with a road map for Junior’s return to glory.  Almost.

… Unfortunately for Kiffin, in the BCS title game, he faces an SEC team with a full allotment of scholarships for its own 4 and 5 star players. The SEC schedule has made grizzled veterans out of even its first-year-starters. In short, the depth of the roster and the SEC schedule has created a behemoth that even his careful planning and strategic depth-charting can not overcome.

But hey, at least they won the Pac-1X again.

Of course, Ben neglects to mention that the Laner started his preparations for hard times a while ago.

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No thugs in our house, are there dear?

Georgia Tech suspends a player for behavior that incurred criminal charges last weekend.

Gosh, and to think the Jacket fan base insists that stuff like that never happens on the Flats.


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I know this isn’t totally fair…

but the Mountain West’s official announcement that Boise State is joining the conference as of July 1, 2011 brings to mind this exchange from Sixteen Candles:

The Geek: I know I came on kinda like a poozer on the bus tonight and everything. But that’s just so my friends won’t think, you know, I’m a jerk.
Samantha: But they’re all pretty much jerks, though, aren’t they?
The Geek: Yeah, but the thing is, I’m kinda like the leader. Kinda like the king of the dipshits.
Samantha: Well, that’s pretty cool. Hey, but a lot can happen over a year. I mean, you could come back next fall as a completely normal person.

Or like a conference with an automatic qualification for the BCS…


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Clueless in Atlanta

As commenter Jason noted this morning, this thread at StingTalk is way too good to pass up.  Start with this:

All this re-alignment drama reminds me of weekends nights in college. Bar is about to close. Me and 3 buddies are trying to decide which chicks we try to score with. 50 other dudes trying to figure out the same thing. We gotta make quick decisions before our competition does.

Do we go for the best looking?…the easy score (slut)?…the easy score (fat)?….the smart girl from class?….or old reliable (solid choice, but nothing exciting)?

I think all 4 conferences want Texas (best looking).
Pac 10 already snagged Colorado (slut).
Big 10 snagged Nebraska (old reliable).

How would you guys categorize GT in SEC/Big 10 eyes?

They really make it easy sometimes.  Answers, please, in the comments.


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Coaches Hot Seat Blog pwns Dennis Dodd. (And doesn’t care for Kiffin, either.)

Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog can certainly be a little too over-the-top sometimes, but damn does he nail Dennis Dodd for that stupid “USC football is going to walk” post of Dodd’s from last week.  Definitely an enjoyable read, for more than one reason.


UPDATE: On a related front, the comments here in response to Kiffin’s take on the situation are pretty funny.


UPDATE #2: By the way, Dodd’s take today is that he was “duped”.

The point is, USC AD Mike Garrett ran the Pete Carroll search like he ran his department. Shoddily.

Uh huh.


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