Exhibit A why sports bloggers should be licensed

Anybody with a keyboard can make a prediction.  But, hey, impressive track record, dudes:

… We have already sat down and mapped out each team’s individual seasons … while some state “you can not pick these things” … we did the same thing last season in JULY and almost nailed the majority of the season …

Wow, they almost got half right.  The Joshua Nesbitt of college football blogs…

(h/t Leather Helmet Blog)


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30 responses to “Exhibit A why sports bloggers should be licensed

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    He seems to have a raw nerve for an unnamed Georgia blogger. Izzat you?


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What an idiot.


  3. you are correct Mr. Blutarsky …. any idiot with a keyboard can make predictions, just like any idiot with a keyboard can post random links, but most of them won’t stand behind them … if you want to show exhibits, then here are two from 2009:
    June of 2009:
    SEC East

    SEC West

    we had the same “you don’t have an f’n clue” reaction last season while MrsSEC.com was stating that “you can’t predict this stuff” …. we will put our track record up against anyone out there and invite them to join us for the season pick ems when it rolls around …. if you want more, just look at last season’s bowl predictions and our picks percentage there as well 😉


    • Normaltown Mike

      Oh snap Senator, you just got served!

      My man D-Train had Bama winning the West last year and Flarduh takin the East. That shit went down! You can’t argue with facts, Jack! Who else but the D-Train was calling that last June?

      D-Train covers every Georgia angle imaginable from “CMR is on the hot seat” to “Georgia’s O-line is suspect”.

      Everybody outside of Georgia who doesn’t watch Georgia football and doesn’t know the tenor of Georgia’s fans and doesn’t know that King and Ealey started the season injured and doesn’t know what “regresssion to the mean” means KNOWS that CMR is feeling the heat and that our O-line (the most experienced and deep in the SEC) is suspect.


    • IndyDawg


      Larry and your other brother Darrel called to say Mom wants you to come home and clean your room.

      One year of predictions does not an expert make. But keep playing, lightning could strike in the same place again.


    • Tell you what, Darrell – you get four of those SEC East picks right and I’ll trumpet your blog to the skies in the offseason.


      • RusDawg

        Haha! The funny part is that you are basically giving him two. Cause everyone is predicting Florida as first and Vandy as last is as obvious as it gets….


      • okey dokey … but that’s a sucker bet (like a cup game) because you know as well as I do, that the East is weak enough you can move most of the division one spot up or one spot down and not have much of a difference between the teams … you better hope to hell I don’t hit it cause you will never hear the end of it … LOL … which I prolly won’t … for underestimating South Carolina’s rushing offense …


  4. MWO

    Fourth in the west? Have we been realigned?


  5. no the UGA blogger that is the target of my ire is PaulWesterDawg … he’ll be around … I appreciate the concern, but you aren’t reading … it hasn’t been a single year … we’ve had the most accurate preseason picks for 4 of the last 5 of the last 7 (if memory serves correctly) … we moved from an independent server to a network and most of our archive was corrupted … have been trying to search google cache because I know you are going to ask for (and we def want to provide) the facts …. It’s still early, could it change? Yeah, it could, especially with the UK pick, but honestly, looking at this UGA team …. they have tons of potential … tons of prospects that if they step up, could be a diff maker …. that’s a a lot of IF’s …. show of hands, how many of you guys have picked UGA first in the East for the last six years? Be honest now because I know there are tons of homers out there …. lol


    • Dawgwalker07

      I don’t believe you actually listed any of the holes you said exist on UGA’s team, which since there are “tons” of them, I feel like you could produce at least 1. Then to add to the confusion, you put Tennessee in front of UGA saying, “with coaching up … this team could be bowl eligible.” So are you really suggesting UGA, with all the mysterious holes, is going to finish below 6-6?

      And no, I’m not a blind homer, but the point is your argument is ridiculous. The best thing you’ve got on Georgia is Richt is on the hot seat (which is questionable to begin with), and that’s the only specific reason the team is going to perform badly. Then a severely gutted UT team is ranked above UGA because of “coaching up” (what is Derek Dooley’s head coaching record again?) and Kentucky is #2 IF they find effective o-line and qb play, which sounds kinda like “IF they find an offense.”

      Not a lot of substance to back up some pretty wild claims there.


    • Wow Darrell I feel for you. Had the same thing happen to me: On 2000 I predicted the break up of the Big XII, the BP oil spill and that Saban would win 2 MNC, one at LSU and one at Bama (although I had him going to the Saints not the Dolphins)

      But my wife—Morgan Fairchild–let a virus on the server and it’s all corrupted.


  6. errrm … that shoulda been “4 of the last 5” and “5 of the last 7” …. lol


  7. Jessi

    1) Anyone who knows ANYTHING about UGA football knows that Mark Richt is not on the hot seat this year. If he wouldn’t have made defensive changes at the end of last season, and we went into 2010 with Martinez at the helm…then yes, he would have been. As it is, he will be given time to right his ship. He has earned that right since his worst season is 8-5, which is better than a lot of other teams average season.

    2) An unproven O-line??? We have the most veteran, skilled O-line in the conference BY FAR. If they stay healthy (which has been a big if the past few years), then this is one of my least concerns about the upcoming season. That unproven line allowed the least amount of sacks in the SEC last year, and paved monster holes for our RB’s in the second half of the season.

    3) Our tight ends are monsters…throw in AJ Green, Wooten, and Troupe and our receivers should be in good shape.

    4) I think our secondary will be just fine this year. Rambo over Evans is a huge upgrade, Jakar Hamilton seems like a beast, and Boykin, Cuff, and B. Smith look to have great years.

    5) Best kicking duo in the country.

    6) Yes, an inexperienced QB, but one who has the benefit of 10 other offensive starters. He will have his bad, idiotic moments but as long as he isn’t throwing 3 interceptions a game, he will be fine.

    As it is, you are entitled to your opinion and your predictions, just as we have the right to offer forth evidence for why you are crazy. I think we should re-visit this post in January. Go Dawgs!


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I repeat, what an idiot.


  9. WFdawg



  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well Darrell, if you’re so confident, why don’t you start a tout sheet & make a little money off your crystal ball.


  11. Vious

    Bleacher Report is the worst thing to happen to bloggers since blogging began

    People are now just writing articles blasting their rivals all the while using facts that don’t exist, rumors that are not proven, and just general stupidity…..and Google promotes their stories and they spread like wildfire


  12. “btw, UGA is 61-58-3 against the spread since 2000 …”- Darrell

    Can anyone enlighten me as to where in the hell that bullshit stat came from? I asked Darrell dumbass, but he won’t answer.

    “That boy ain’t right”- Hank Hill


  13. travis fain

    And I thought I’d already read the worst blog on the Internet.


  14. DirkDawggler

    I’m going to block his URL on my computer(s) so I don’t even accidentally contribute to this tripe.


  15. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Forget UGA (one could say we are too close for us to be objective about his Dawg prediction). Look where he has LSU. And UT and UK. We need to save this and pummel this guy with it in December. Maybe that will shut him up.


  16. this is how I see the 2010 UGA Schedule playing out.

    09/04 -Louisiana-Lafayette- win
    09/11 -at South Carolina- win
    09/18 -Arkansas- either way, but i say win
    09/25 -at Mississippi State- win
    10/02 -at Colorado- win
    10/09 -Tennessee- win
    10/16 -Vanderbilt- win
    10/23 -at Kentucky- win
    10/30 -Florida (at JAX)- either way, likely loss
    11/06 -Idaho State- win
    11/13 -at Auburn- win
    11/27 -Georgia Tech- either way, i say win

    What games do you see them losing?


  17. Do I get my blogger’s license or is it still too early? I mean, the season is young, anything can happen …