We block this state.

From the Shakin the Southland post, “Wide Receiver Blocking Skills”:

… The final concept here is downfield blocking either after a back has broken the first/second layers of the defense or after a completed pass.  This is where receiver blocking really is critical.  Downfield blocking involves hustle, technique, and recognition.  The receiver has to understand what is going on around him to assure that he finds someone to block and takes the correct angle to get to this defender.  These are the really big ones that can turn a nice gain into a touchdown.

Like what you see on the play starting at around the 3:25 mark of this clip.


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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Good post! Any WR blocking videos need to include Hines Ward in the ’96 UGA/floriduh game. Robert Edwards sweep around the left side was sprung by Ward’s block where he knock down three (count ’em) D players for Robert.


    • 69Dawg

      Hines was a special player. When the NFL players vote a WR as the dirtiest player, it’s a hell of a compliment, either that or the NFL has really become a weak league.


    • Brandon

      Definately a good block, but it was the 97
      Cocktail Party, I remember 96 vividly my freshman year at UGA 47-7 Gators, nothing pretty about it.


      • Brandon

        I’ve got to call bs on my own “vividly” statement, I was pretty drunk but in event I think it’s 97 your remembering, if not it was certainly the only highlight of the day.


  2. baltimore dawg

    let the record show that the much-maligned joe cox set the tone for manhandling gt in that game by using his head as a battering ram.


    • gatriguy

      Completely agree, that was really a tone-setter that we were going to physically just beat Tech up. That should be our approach to that game EVERY year.


  3. Russell

    Now that was a pleasurable moment after a Sunday afternoon nap!…Thanks!


  4. I’d love to see some of that Hines Ward footage from the 96 ga/fla game.

    I remember hanging out with Hines Ward one day at a music store on one of those College Station/Gaines School Road area shopping centers back when I was in law school. This was back when you bought music in stores. 🙂

    We were sitting next to each other listening to stuff and he started suggesting some of his favorite stuff to listen to, and we got to talking about sports, working out, and other stuff (he recognized me from seeing me jogging along college station road in the middle of the afternoon every day no matter how hot it was).

    It was one of those memorable (for me at least) experiences that can only happen because of how great college sports are. You get a chance to hang out with future pro sports stars when you are both students and have a lot in common.


  5. dawgfan

    Someone send that to Crowell. Talk about motivating a RB to come to UGA. That is a great vid.


  6. Will

    Wow. That video was awesome. You’ve now made the next 80-ish days even worse, though. FOOTBALL NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW.


  7. Danny Noonan

    Have ya’ll heard what coach Richt said about this game at the Albany Bulldog Club meeting? Someone asked why we decided to run the ball so much on the opening drive, and coach said it was because Cox got his bell rung on that run around the end (didn’t know where he was).


  8. Thinking Bulldog

    I will go to my grave believing that we would have lost that game if Bryan Evans didn’t get hurt on Tech’s last drive. Quentin Banks thereby came in and properly covered/defensed two balls thrown his way.


  9. Ward Eagle

    Having watched AU’s porous defense give up somewhere around 6.3 light years worth of yardage against WVU the past two years, one can only hold them up as a great example of receivers that block.

    They may not block well, but they gave the nano-back time to make a move and disappear and really, that’s all it takes.

    look up WVU’s big plays on EweToob, I’ll bet there’s a receiver on a DB somewhere in the play.