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It’ll look really cool while you’re playing “Free Bird” on air guitar.

Who says AdSense doesn’t link to anything of interest?

I think I’d work on the color scheme, though.


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Since you asked…

Dial this clip up to about the 7:10 mark to watch the slo-mo replay of Hines Ward’s devastating block to spring Robert Edwards in the ’97 Georgia-Florida game.

I still remember almost fainting as I watched that play happen.  Good times.


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You had me at “tradition”.

Shorter John Feinstein:  conference expansion proves that all the BCS presidents care about is money, although the postseason proves that they all care about is power, except that Texas leaving a conference it controls for one it doesn’t proves it’s all about the money.  Also, Jim Delany.


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Tech delenda est.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of SEC expansion, but I’ve got to admit that Travis Fain’s proposal may win me over.


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“In little league, you’re just playing linebacker.”

As excited as we are about the changes on defense for Georgia, it’s wise to temper the enthusiasm a bit.  There are going to be a few Keystone Cops-ish moments this season, judging by this article.

Take in a few choice comments and realize what we’re in store for, at least early on.  Take the secondary, for example:

“Last year, we would have a coverage for the defensive backs to start off the whole formation,” Boykin said. “This year, they will say four things instead of just one coverage, so you’ve really got to listen to the play or you’ll really be lost. It gives everybody in the play what their responsibility is, instead of just one coverage, and everybody is supposed to know what they’re doing.”

Then, there are the linebackers.

“You’re kind of reading the same thing at either position, but if one person is playing the three receiver, the other guy might be playing quarter flats,” Dent said. “They’re basically two different positions. You’re almost reading the same thing, but as the play unfolds the guys are doing something different.

“It definitely can get confusing. In little league, you’re just playing linebacker.”

And we wouldn’t want to leave the linemen out.

“You have to know what your ‘backers are doing,” Dobbs said. “You have to know where they’re coming from and what gap you have to contain. Not all the calls are telling you where to go, so you have to know where to go.

“In the 4-3, you would line up in a gap and they would give you the call. In this defense, you have to know whether you’re going to stunt or go outside, and you’ve got to know where other people are coming from.”

Fall camp is going to be a challenge.


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Beyond cowbell

The most annoying sound in the world?  Over the past couple of days, I’ve discovered it’s not this…

it’s this:

But what I’m thinking is this:  talk about your home field advantage.  Cowbells have nothing on the vuvuzela.  Plant fifty thousand of those between the hedges and watch what happens.  Every visiting team would hate the trip to Sanford.  Take ’em to Jax and Corch Meyers will write another chapter to his book.

Amazon has them in black for less than eight bucks.  Slap a red bulldog logo and a “G” on there and we’re in business.  Where’s the enterprising individual out there to make this a happening?

Evil Richt and vuvuzelas.  In your heart, you know they belong together.


UPDATE: Potential arms race.


UPDATE #2: Ain’t technology grand?  750,000+ downloads can’t be wrong.


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