Beyond cowbell

The most annoying sound in the world?  Over the past couple of days, I’ve discovered it’s not this…

it’s this:

But what I’m thinking is this:  talk about your home field advantage.  Cowbells have nothing on the vuvuzela.  Plant fifty thousand of those between the hedges and watch what happens.  Every visiting team would hate the trip to Sanford.  Take ’em to Jax and Corch Meyers will write another chapter to his book.

Amazon has them in black for less than eight bucks.  Slap a red bulldog logo and a “G” on there and we’re in business.  Where’s the enterprising individual out there to make this a happening?

Evil Richt and vuvuzelas.  In your heart, you know they belong together.


UPDATE: Potential arms race.


UPDATE #2: Ain’t technology grand?  750,000+ downloads can’t be wrong.


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13 responses to “Beyond cowbell

  1. Chuck

    Where’s the enterprising individual out there to make this a happening?

    Hmm, you have a site, it has ads and readers, most likely you have a Pay Pal account and access to FedEx, ooops, I mean UPS or USPS. You could be rich, I tell ya.


  2. As they sound much more like a swarm of bees than they do a pack of dogs or gaggle (?) of alligators, we’re way ahead of you on this one:


  3. Derek

    Isn’t there already a trend at some schools to start singing “soccer stadium” songs at college football games? As if that were not offense enough we are considering adding friggin’ soccer kazoos? If you want to blow on kazoos and sing soccer songs go to a friggin’ soccer game.

    This reminds me of story involving Sam Snead and Bobby Jones. Sam Snead, one of the best golfers ever, struggled with his putting throughout his career. At one point in his career he decided to stand behind the ball and swing his putter toward and then away from him to hit the ball. (Picture a “granny-style” free throw in basketball and apply it to golf. There, you’ve got it.) Anyway, Snead’s style was not in any way against the existing rules. However, after witnessing Snead do this at his beloved Master’s Tournament, Mr. Jones decided: “This putting style is coarse and vulgar, not in keeping with the traditions of this great game.” So he got the USGA to ban it. Probably took a 15 second phone call from Mr. Jones to decide the issue.

    Before we turn college football games into a friggin’ soccer match I hope that we are saved by our own Bobby Jones before its too damn late. If not, the next thing we’ll have is announcers screaming “GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!” while the players strip naked and dry hump each other into a homoerotic frenzy.

    My generation and prior generations saw the pernicious influence that soccer could have upon American culture. We tried to resist it. We teased those who played it or thought it was cool. Hell, I even pulled for the Chinese to beat the US Women in the World Cup final. Why you might ask? Because I love my country. Please, please (in my best Glenn Beck immitation, add tears and a look of fear and desperation) stop the influence of soccer upon our nation, before its too late!


    • anon

      You’re an idiot.


    • Tim Rankine

      +1 Derek


    • Macallanlover

      Perfectly stated Derek. We need no, not one, piece of soccer invading our great sport. But any crossover will certainly begin above the Mason Dixon Line (not sure the “jump around” isn’t a start.)

      For inclusion to the list of “all things obnoxious and intolerable” don’t forget to include “THAT’S A LOW PRICE!!!!!” (34 times in 30 seconds). I wouldn’t spend a dime at Staples if I had been out of paper for a week. What ad agency is actually getting paid for raising the blood pressure of Americans nightly?


      • Dboy

        Don’t forget “he got it at Jared” commercials. I recently bought an engagement ring, and the only place off the list of stores to visit: Jared.


    • Brandon

      I agree, I hate soccer, don’t give a crap about the world cup, wouldn’t care if we didn’t field a team.


  4. dboy

    Please no Bee buzzing at UGA games!!! Think about what you are saying!!! Plus, soccer / international influence brought that weak flopping $hi* into basketball. I prefer taking a hard foul like a man rather than flopping onto the ground when barely touched to create a penalty. I agree that the weak soccer practices should stay out of football. Not a fan the Glen Beck references though….


  5. dudetheplayer

    I can’t say that I’m behind this.

    Just get some of the old guys to quit sitting on their hands start making more noise on downs other than 3rd, and we’ll be fine.


  6. travis fain

    If that takes off in opponent stadiums I’m going to market my own anti-product.