“That’s just the way I’m going to do business.”

One thing about Chip Towers’ most recent story on Nick Marshall’s commitment to Georgia confuses me.

… But the truth is this battle is probably far from over.

“It’s been a tough process for Nick and it will probably continue to be,” Ledford said.

How can that be?  I thought if there’s one essential truth about Paul Johnson, it’s that he holds a seventeen-year old’s verbal commitment sacred.


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7 responses to ““That’s just the way I’m going to do business.”

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Possible Tech fan excuses when PJ goes after Marshall again………..

    “Yeah, but we want him as a QB. That’s different.”
    “Operating with class is a fluid thing”
    “Terrance Moore made all that up”


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Well, Terrence Moore did make things up.

      As far as a verbal commitment to another school being sacred: well let’s not get too carried away with this sacred thing.


  2. Dog in Fla

    CPJ “and his coaches had their priorities. They operated with class. They said what they meant, and they meant what they said.” And each of them scarfed down another can of spinach.


  3. dudetheplayer

    Fuck verbal commitments.


  4. Bill

    Wow Senator, this maybe a record week for Tech jabs. Why so much attention given to a small school that UGA doesn’t even consider a rival? You may hate Tech and that is fine but you do respect them. If we were irrelevant, why do you spend so much time writing about us?

    By the way, as I have mentioned before, I do like your blog. It is my third stop in the morning after Drudge and Bloomberg.


    • Bill, with regard to Georgia Tech as with so many subjects that I post about, I tend to go with the flow. This has been a week with a target-rich environment. 😉

      And I’ve never, ever said that Tech was irrelevant. It would truly sadden me if the day ever came when beating Georgia Tech didn’t resonate.

      Many thanks for the kind words about the blog.


  5. If only I had a quarter for every time I came to blutarsky.wordpress.com… Amazing article.