Tuesday morning buffet

Random bits and nuggets to nosh on:


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10 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    It wouldn’t be too bad if the Big Ten kept its name. It was fun when the Zooker was 11th in the Big Ten, and will be likewise when he’s 12th in the Big Ten.


  2. JasonC

    Didn’t we tie Auburn in ’93? I remember we broke a winning streak of theirs with a tie on the Plains.


  3. 69Dawg

    Well the USC matter was more about USC giving the NCAA the finger. USC was so arrogant and so self righteous that instead of trying to mitigate the damage they go out and hire back two of the main playa’s. Most teams when facing sanctions at least offer up a staffer or two to the NCAA as repentants. USC says hey we’re USC F U. I’m sure the NCAA would have given them the death penalty if they dared but just settled for 3 years of the living dead.


  4. Lee

    Is Wild Boyz in the GTP Lexicon? if not i definitely think it should be!


  5. “… pompously said his cow college has long been much more “aligned” with the Big Ten than the Big 12 with regard to academics, culture and athletics. Excuse me, culture and the state of Nebraska? Academics and the University of Nebraska? C’mon. One of the few things that does “align” Nebraska and the Big Ten is a lack of speed. Nebraska left the Big 12 for one primary reason. It grew tired of smelling the bottom of the boots of Texas and Oklahoma.”

    Finally, someone had the beans to say it. Thank you.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Glenn Guilbeau is wrong about one thing–the addition of South Carolina and Arkansas to the SEC has been hugely successful. It allowed the conference to have the SEC Championship Game. If those dolts in the PAC-11 will decide to limit themselves to getting 1 more team they can do the same without wrecking college football.


  7. ugalaw

    Bianchi is flat out wrong concerning USC and FSU similarities. USC knowingly paid players and snubbed its nose at the NCAA. FSU unknowingly played players that had cheated on a test. When the coaches learned of the problem, they suspended over 30 players for the bowl game and the first three games of the next season. Not surprisingly, Bianchi is wrong and continues to spew Gator propaganda.


  8. ugalaw

    Moreover, FSU turned itself, worked with NCAA officials in the investigation and imposed its own penalties. USC did none of this.