“We’ll leave that to the lawyers.”

A sure sign of the new status quo in the Big XII – preparing to take a pound of flesh out of the departing schools.

I have to admit there’s a certain sense of chutzpah in claiming that you’re happy reducing the conference size by two which results in a bump in revenue because there are fewer mouths to feed while still demanding reparations that would have made Treaty-of-Versailles France blush, but that’s why the law is an ass, friends.


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10 responses to ““We’ll leave that to the lawyers.”

  1. Gene

    More Texas sized “nothing to see here, move along, we’re just taking care of paperwork. I’ve always liked the ‘Horns and the way their fans show on the interwebs but this current undertaking by the players left in the big 12(whatever) leave them all looking like spineless weasels at one end and Barbary Coast Pirates at the other. Wait…did I say that?


  2. “the law is an ass”

    Spoken as only a fellow Section T alum could.


  3. Indeed. I have the hat, pictures and the inability to say Wendell normally to prove it.