Phil Steele’s computer has a thing for Georgia.

I’ll tell you right now, if his little machine is correct about this, it’s going to be a fun season.  Very fun.


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16 responses to “Phil Steele’s computer has a thing for Georgia.

  1. DawgPhan

    Mr. Steele should be getting cards from the BM folks for every holiday…including Arbor and Flag Days.

    I heart Steele.


  2. squarebush

    Does Phil take UGA’s new defensive scheme into account in his projections? Or is it just based on stats/trends?


  3. HamDawg11

    Let’s hope this equates to a few more W’s in ’10.


  4. Tommy

    Apparently, Rice is in for a hell of a season as well.


    • Will

      Well, they did leave a crater last year after a couple good seasons previously. Maybe they’re averaging out?


  5. Chuck

    Clearly, there is no just reason to question the methodology, industry and erudition of Mr. Steele. Where is the MNC being held this season? I need to make travel plans.


  6. Will (the other one)

    He projects our offense at almost 38 points a game, which would be the highest ever under Richt, by a few points/game no less.
    For that reason (that and the QB worries) I have my doubts, but will be very, very happy if he’s right.


    • Will

      38 a game? Those computers must love the offensive line. That’s almost unheard of for Richt since the old FSU days.


  7. Reptillicide



  8. Mr.Steele & I are definitely on the same page.


  9. negative ?

    When your Scoring Offense is Number 51 and your Scoring Defense is Number 63, you have many teams for your team to improve relative to.

    If you were 1 of the Top teams last year, and were listed at the top of the page for expected to be 1 of the most improved teams, that would be something.

    Over the last 4 years of 38-14, we are Number 19 in the nation in won / loss record, and now we play a soft easy schedule of 1 ranked team all 2010 season long, Number 5 Florida.

    Over the entire Coach Richt Era, we have averaged the Number 52 NCAA Total Offense.

    We do have a great Defense this season and we have back the 2 best kickers on 1 team in America.

    Over history, we have averaged The # 11 Best Team in 1-A Wins in Football. Over the last 4 years, we have averaged # 19.

    I would suggest that we not get so all hyped up about the fact that with this cupcake Strength of Schedule, about Number 50 or so, that we will improve upon our Stats.

    Georgia tek’s Rushing Defense last year was # 68. Texas A & M’s Rushing Defense last year was # 90. We ran the football better against those 2 horrible run defenses.

    What you must have forgotten, because no one on this entire page says anything about it, is that Phil Steele RANKED UGA # 19 for 2010.

    # 19 is what we have been the last 4 years in won / loss record.

    And, nowhere near our All-Time # 11 in Wins 1-A.

    You write of 10-win season this year. It is a 14-game season. 10-win season is the # 19 team. 10-win season means you lost 2 somewhat easy games, lost to Florida for the 8th time in Coach Richt Era, failed to get to The SEC Championship Game every year after DJ Shockley’s 2005 Season, and this is year 2010 where we lose after the season 15 seniors and 4 or 5 juniors.

    We have no back-up Quarterback, and a Freshman at Quarterback. Caleb King at Tailback and he both have proven to be injury prone. So have AJ Green and the Offensive Line. Yes, we should be able to run up the stats relative to last year playing not a Top 10 Strength of Schedule this season but # 50 or so instead – if Aaron Murray is not injured again, if Caleb King is not injured again, if AJ Green is not injured again, and if the Offensive Line is not injured again. The Depth Chart on Offense is very weak at Quarterback after Aaron Murray, and it is also a very weak Depth Chart at Wide Receiver after AJ Green.

    All in all, it figures up to be in this Crucial Season to Coach Richt, to be the # 19 team – according to Phil Steele which is not negative but the Truth, because that is where he has us ranked # 19.