Wednesday morning buffet

Believe it or not, there are other things to bite into besides conference realignment.

  • Paul Westerdawg lets us in on why it’s worth getting excited about Jarvis Jones’ transfer to Georgia.
  • Barrel of Rum breaks down the 2010 ACC quarterbacks.  You can quibble with the order some (I’d rank Russell Wilson higher), but at least going into the season, they strike me as a stronger bunch overall than their SEC counterparts.
  • David Hale takes a stab at predicting the lines on Georgia’s schedule.  Considering how the last two games went, I’ll be pleased if Georgia goes into the Florida game as only a one touchdown underdog.
  • Mark Richt reminisces about the Summer of David.
  • And Richt opens up and talks a bit about himself with Dawg Post’s Dean Legge.  Love the last Q & A.
  • The first USC player to take advantage of the NCAA’s free transfer rule calls it a “blessing in disguise”.
  • A Texas conspiracy theory.  (Okay, it’s a realignment story, but I got a kick out of it.)


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5 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Prov

    “If someone wants to leave the best place in the country to play football, we won’t stop them,” the first-year coach said.

    That’s funny.


  2. Charles D.

    Reading between the lines on Jarvis Jones’ comments in the AJC, sounded like he really wanted to come to UGA but Jancek was such a poor coach that Jones had to go elsewhere.

    Cannot believe it took CMR so long to get rid of those coaches that were killing us, not only on Saturdays, but in the recruiting season as well.


    • True ‘dat.

      “It’s just a totally different situation than it was when I was coming out of high school,” Jones said. “I always liked Georgia. I always liked the way Coach [Mark] Richt carried himself and how he runs his program and that he’s a Godly man and all that. But this time it was more of business decision.

      “I sat down with the new defensive coordinator, Coach [Todd] Grantham, and we talked for a long time. I really like his defense and the way he’s got everything planned out. I believe he can coach me up and help me get ready for the NFL.”


  3. That Kiffin quote is just delicious in that piece.

    “If someone wants to leave the best place in the country to play football, we won’t stop them,” the first-year coach said.

    Because clearly the best place in the country to play football is a place that can’t compete for a conference or national championship over the next two years…

    I’ll give the man credit. He’s never above a backhanded compliment. What a bag of douche that guy is.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Everyone be sure to read the “Texas conspiracy” link above. Jon Wilner nailed it.