It’s gonna be a long, hot summer, so go read something.

The Chapel Bell has the quintessential “It’s June and I need some off-season inside perspective stuff to get through the summer” interview with DawgPost’s Fletcher Page.  Go read it and get your fix.

And while I’m giving blogger shout outs, welcome back, Mr. Gillett.

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  1. Macallanlover

    Good insight from Fletcher Page on recruiting. I agree with his assessment on last season, and also share his optimism about 2010 tempered by the same defensive concerns in the middle. ILB, our three down lineman, depth at OLB and QB are not trivial concerns but we do have talent that may well develop and combine with a loaded offense to produce 10-11 regular season wins.

    That is the glass half-full assessment, I know some prefer the other option. It is pleasant to be this far into the off-season and realistically like your chances to make it to Atlanta in early December. Not many SEC teams in either division (4 perhaps?) can feel that way, imo. The clock is ticking, the practice fields are being cut, excitement is building, more so in Athens than most other locations. Gotta love it! Hot seat my arse.