He should know.

David Greene, talking to David Hale about Aaron Murray’s situation this year, had this to say:

… I’d rather have an experience offensive line with a freshman quarterback than I would an inexperienced line with a veteran quarterback.

I bet he still has occasional nightmares about that 2003 offensive line.


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  1. Charles D.

    I have never felt so bad for a QB as I did for Shock in ’03 at LSU when , after Greene had finally succumbed to the pummeling he had taken all day, Shock had to come in on the 3 yard line on 3rd and 15 or something like that. Greene was a tough cookie.


  2. Bulldog Bry

    47 sacks in ’03. Some numbers just don’t leave me.


  3. Brandon

    If we had that offensive line with a Willy Mo headed defense that season would have been UGLY.


  4. The Realist

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times: That was one of the best defenses UGA has fielded in my lifetime. It was also one of the worst offensive lines UGA has fielded in my lifetime.

    What I remember: if Billy Bennett doesn’t have the worst day of his entire career, that game ends differently. What I didn’t remember: Georgia outgained LSU by 126 yards, had 7 more first downs, and only gave up 4 official sacks (I thought LSU completely dominated the line of scrimmage, but Georgia still managed to move the ball some).

    If Georgia wins this game, LSU never makes it to the SEC title game: Ole Miss goes instead… led by Eli Manning. Georgia would have been the favorite in that game, and the favorite to make it to the BCS title game against Oklahoma. My how things would be different for this program, and the temperature of Mark Richt’s seat if they weren’t so unlucky on 09/20/2003.



    • Vindexdawg

      I agree completely. This game is #2 on my list of GAMES WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE LOST in the Naughts’ Decade:
      1. Florida 2002 We were the better team but didn’t show it on the field for a number of reasons; cost us a place in the NC Title Game (to Herbie’s delight I am sure).
      2. LSU 2003 as you explained above.
      3. Tennessee 2004 knocked us out of the race to win our own division because the Vols went on to win the rest of their games EXCEPT Neuter Dame.
      4. Florida 2005 missed a rare chance to hang successive losses on the Gates. We got skunked by a fake punt in the 4th – then allowed West Virginia to do the same thing 2 months later. Disgraceful.
      5. TIE between South Carolina 2007 and Tennessee 2007 but I myself would go with the latter because of the pitiful, gutless “effort” that we saw on the field. To this day, no one inside our program has ever truly explained it. Our tepid win over the Vols in 2008 did not even begin to atone for it. And in 2009 we had Cox ramping up his bona-fides as a turnover machine and Willie M’s D making Jonathan Crapton look like Johnny Unitas. AND, of course, Kiffin’s jibe as reported by Eric Berry:
      “He told us we would never lose to them (UGA) as long as he is here.” Anyone for scheduling Southern Cal?