Hines Ward: stay in (state) school, kids.

My favorite Dawg ever shows his alma mater some love in this clip:

(h/t Leather Helmet Blog)


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7 responses to “Hines Ward: stay in (state) school, kids.

  1. Dawg93

    Ol’ #19 is also my favorite Dawg of all-time. Kills me that the Falcons passed him over for Jammi German from “da U”. Although I doubt the Steelers ever thought Hines would be their all-time leading WR and win a SB MVP, it’s a classic example of how much better their organization has been through the years compared to the Falcons.

    Anyway, great clip . . . Richt should download this to his phone and play it every time he goes to see an in-state recruit.


    • Normaltown Mike

      How ’bout those Falcons!

      I always appreciated the Steve Broussard pick in the 1st round of 1990 (Rodney Hampton went 4 picks later to the Giants)


  2. Charles D.

    I know it has no place here, but the US Soccer team is the biggest bunch of p*ssies this side of the French Military.

    For some odd reason, I actually planned my day around watching these bums. They totally wet the bed. What a bunch of bitches.

    Where the hell is Slovenia?



    And a population of 2 million, about the same as a sparsely settled western U.S. state.