Urban Meyer’s next target

Mike Bianchi doesn’t mind the view from seat 37F, evidently.

It’s great that the Florida Gators will build bronze statues outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium that will honor Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier, but aren’t the Gators forgetting somebody?

How about a statue for the two most important people in the program – the Unnamed Bail Bondsman and Huntley Johnson, the legendary local attorney who traditionally gets all of UF’s football players out of trouble when they get arrested?


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28 responses to “Urban Meyer’s next target

  1. Dboy



  2. UFTImmy

    Bianchi is Finebaum without a rooting interest.


  3. NRBQ

    Was anybody else shocked to learn they’re building a statue for someone who finished his eligibility like yesterday?


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    This is tremendous.


  5. heyberto

    That makes my weekend. Is Bianchi trying to fire ailing Urb back into action, or is he trying to force him into having to retire completely?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Those are the three biggest names in the entire 20 year history of Florida football.


  7. Ricky McDurden

    when the apocalypse comes and I am one of the surviving few, it’s probably a safe bet that I’ll set my sights toward tearing those statues down. Future generations can do without the idolatry of St. Timothy, Darth Visor and that guy who was good in college but now does charity work in New Orleans (ok, so maybe the last one can stay…)


  8. 69Dawg

    Mike Mike Mike, your a bad man.


  9. shane#1

    So……………How many lawyers have graduated from UGA? There has to be just one shyster out there with a judge in his pocket. Just sayin’. Oh, see if you can find one that practices scooter law.


  10. Rival

    Scooter law should be a class in Athens. Apparently there are more alleys to emerge from now than I remember from my undergrad days.


  11. ugalaw

    Bianchi is only interested in getting clicks on his blog. He is a Gaytor through and through, but he will try and ruffle some feathers every once in a while when it is just too easy pickin’s. Don’t be fooled by this. He still writes for that Gaytor rag the Orlando Slantinel.


  12. Aligator

    Bianchi is a douche …


  13. Russell

    If one conviction falls on Gainesville you can call me Meyer.


  14. shane#1

    Russell, you don’t get no breaks on this blog Law-ya! I forgot about the alley emerging, maybe jaywalking and drunken taxi hailing should also be included in this “scooter law” course. My Dad said a man needed at least two lawyers, one up standing, highly regarded civic leader for wills, contracts, trust, and etc., and one dirty son of a bitch. Maybe every high profile program needs a Huntley Johnson.