It’s going to be one weird year in the Big XII.

Start with the fact that you’ve got two schools leaving at season’s end, both of which are facing demands that each fork over millions of dollars for the privilege of fleeing a conference that less than a week ago was on death’s door and now has its remaining members proclaiming that it’s stronger than ever.

Then, you’ve got five schools ready to give 10-year commitments that probably aren’t worth the blood they’re written with, because none of the givers have any better options to pursue anyway.

And one of the school’s which purportedly had a better option and didn’t take it (and in not doing so, likely did more to ensure the survival of the Big XII than any other school) is getting raked over the coals by its fan base for not leaving.

Fun times in 2010.  When are Big XII Media Days scheduled?


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  1. shane#1

    Man, I am so glad Texas didn’t join the SEC, probably not as glad as Vandy and Missy St, but glad none the less.


    • Ben Rockwell

      Agreed. I couldn’t understand why folks seemed so eager to have Texas join the SEC. If you were eager for Texas to join the SEC, you probably haven’t had much experience with Texas fans to begin with. We’ve got enough insufferable fanbases in this conference as it is, but I’ve never been around fans of a school that expect so much without ever actually giving anyone a reason to assume they deserve what they’re asking for.

      They’re like a drop-dead gorgeous woman from a socially well to-do family but with none of the social graces and the expectation that everyone else should bow to them.

      The only plus side to have Texas in the league would be the chance to see the Dawgs pop them in the mouth every few years, and I can guarantee that they’d quickly become a team that folks in the conference would hate A LOT.


  2. Wayward Dawg

    Senator, With no intention of hijacking your post, do you think you could help me out? I’m moving to Myrtle Beach tomorrow. Do you or any of your readers know of a Bulldog Club or a UGA Alumni Association on the Grand Strand? I can’t find anything online. Thanks and Go Dawgs!


    • JasonC

      Go to PWD’s site: Georgia Sports Blog and he used to have a pull down tab with Bulldog clubs around the country.


  3. shane#1

    Wayward Dawg, go ahead and start the Bulldog club. There will be a lot of us joining you after BP and the Obama administration finish screwing up the gulf. Speaking of Texas, I guess they will be even richer now that off shore drilling has stopped. I wonder what Texas sweet is selling for now.


  4. negative ?

    Texas Longhorns from 1984 to 1999 lost 5 games a season, 76 Losses.

    Mack Brown took a while to get his powder-puff creampuff cupcake patsy schedule.

    37-21 Alabama beat down in the bowl game this last season, and the Quarterback refused to come back on the field, he of such NFL caliber Daniel, Colt, McCoy.

    Colt McCoy played against The Worst Defenses of All-Time in college football.

    Father did the same thing with Colt McCoy in High School when he took a hit by a Texas High School Running Back, he took him out of the game, kept him out, and never would allow him to do anything else except for Throw the Football.

    6’ 1” Colt McCoy was drafted by the hapless Cleveland Browns with the # 85 PICK.

    # 85 NFL Draft Pick.

    84 better players.

    And, that is just this year.

    Daddy let him sign with the Cleveland Browns NFL yet ? Has Colt McCoy even signed a contract to play professional football ? Well ? Has he ?

    Jacoby Jones.

    Who is the guy who hit poor little Colt McCoy so hard that his Daddy removed him from THAT GAME ? Never let him play Defense ever again. Jacoby Jones of 4-8 HAPLESS Big XII (10) Baylor Bears. That is who. Jacoby Jones, played 4 years for BAYLOR BEARS and amassed a grand total of 452 yards as running back for that crappy cupcake pansy, an average of 113 rushing yards a season for his 4 years with BAYLOR BEARS.

    I am so impressed, you know ?

    Why was he taken with the # 85 PICK ?


    Too fragile.

    Too small.

    A wuss.

    A Daddy’s boy.

    Texas’ Offense is certainly no good.

    Texas’ Defense. What happened to that giving up 37 points to Alabama, who put the brakes on on the Opening Play of the game.

    Texas played an easy cupcake schedule. And, still its Offense was Lousy.

    Defense ?

    Texas’ Defense against these cupcakes on their schedule, was supposed to be great. I know, right ?


    Texas A & M did the same thing to poor little Colt McCoy in his 1st year as Texas’ Quarterback in the last regular season game that year, 2006. Texas Lost 7 to 12 to Texas A & M as poor little Colt McCoy was taken off the field on a cart.

    There wasn’t anything wrong with him, then, either.

    HAPLESS Texas A & M.

    HAPLESS Kansas State did the same thing to poor little Colt McCoy.


    Sports Illustrated named poor little Colt McCoy one of The 10 Most Disappointing College Football Players.

    Vince Young beat up a guy in a strip club this week, and like poor little Colt McCoy, whined and cried to the press about how he hopes the NFL doesn’t punish him to badly.


    Playing Wusses.


    Crying is not allowed in college football.

    Maybe crying for joy.

    But, crying to the cameras after the game in which the X-Rays were negative but your Daddy wouldn’t let a 23-year old man-boy at 6’ 1” to go back in the game. That is NOT ALLOWED.

    Whining little baby.

    Crying poor little Colt McCoy.


    Colt McCoy turned down the Opportunity to be at The NFL Combine.

    I want to show my abilities at Texas’ Senior Day, instead.

    Big Mistake.

    Low release point, not a good arm, and played only in a shotgun.

    How is Colt McCoy viewed in the NFL ?

    Not a good arm, bad mechanics, too short, gimmick offense, played against weak opponents and LOST.

    BCS Championship Game, Colt McCoy only played in 1, and the Church of Christ disciple had his Daddy remove him from the game although no one could find anything wrong.

    And, LOST 21-37.


    Legacy of getting injured.

    Legacy of being removed from games and out of harm’s way by his Daddy his entire life.

    Mike Holmgren, Browns’ President, says he is NOT GOING TO PLAY COLT MCCOY.

    Otto Graham.

    Len Dawson.

    Colt McCoy is certainly no Otto Graham nor Len Dawson.

    Cleveland Browns have made the Play-Offs 1 time since 1995, and that was in 2002, 7 years ago.

    Even with that, Colt McCoy is not going to play.

    Wasted Draft Pick # 85.

    Some of the Losses of Texas have been especially troubling :

    5-6 Stanford beat Texas, how can that happen ?

    4-Loss Arkansas beat Texas.

    BCS National Championships have been especially hard on the Big XII.

    Alabama in the BCS National Championship beat the pants off Texas 37-21.

    2005 doesn’t count, since the opponent was 0-14 Southern California.

    That Rose Bowl 2006 win over Southern California is NOT a BCS National Championship Game.

    2-5 BCS National Championship Games, that is what the Big XII (10 now) is.

    Nebraska leaves the Big XII, but forever their 0-1 BCS NC Game record will belong to the lousy stinking Big XII.

    1-3 Oklahoma is 1-3 in BCS NC Games.

    Big XII in fact has the WORST BOWL RECORD of EVERY Conference EVER in the history of college football.

    22 Bowl Losses by mighty Texas.

    What’s that all about ? 22 Bowl Losses by Texas ?

    Vote as a Block.

    The Big XII has CHEATED for YEARS on the voting to rank your cupcake horrible defense teams up at the top of the polls by voting as a block for your own Mid Country Big XII teams, who played no one, beat no one and were paper tigers therefore.

    How else could you possible explain 22 Bowl Losses by mighty Texas ?

    Loss to Ohio State 7-24. How can that be ? Ohio State plays a wuss schedule too, just like Texas and all the Big XII ALWAYS DO.

    Nebraska anyone ever look at Nebraska’s schedule.

    Or Kansas State’s schedule ?

    But, how did Ohio State beat Texas 24-7 in 2006.

    Colorado. How in the name of Heaven did Colorado beat Texas for the Big XII Championship 2001.

    Texas A & M and Kansas State beat Texas in 2006, also.

    How ?

    Texas Tech has beat mighty Texas 3 of the last 4 years.

    What is that ?

    Texas El Paso
    Central Florida
    Baylor Bears
    Kansas State
    Texas A & M
    North Carolina
    Texas Christian
    Louisiana – Monroe
    Arkansas State
    North Texas
    Louisiana – Lafayette
    New Mexico State
    Iowa State
    Oklahoma State
    Texas Tech
    Arizona State
    Washington State

    THIS is who Texas has been beating.

    Oklahoma game is PLAYED IN TEXAS.

    40 YEARS.

    Go back 40 years and Texas had that 1 game against now ineligible 0-14 Southern California, and that game does NOT COUNT.

    National Championships ?

    B. S.

    Wuss champions in a league of nobodies going no where.

    Now down to 10 teams.

    And, you FORCE the cupcakes left in that conference to GO ALONG with Texas so that you can have your own TV channel.


    Oh, Joy, I get to watch Texas play

    NO BODY.


    Ratings for those games will be HORRIBLE nationally.

    Who cares what Colt McCoy did against CUPCAKES ?

    I certainly do NOT.


    All HAT, no Cattle.


  5. negative ?

    Yes, the Big XII is a big joke.