This aggression will not stand, man.

Here’s some more patently stupid BCS talk from a Paul Banks (who bills himself as “the President and CEO” of his sports website – ain’t we all, pal, ain’t we all), who appears via The Washington Times in some Bleacher Report-esque arrangement and came through with a double this weekend.

The first of his posts is the usual sort of illogical projection you get from some playoff proponents – “fat cats at the very top whose pockets are made fatter by the status quo” are opposed to a playoff, yet Texas, which is surely one of the fattest of such cats, is in prime position to blow everybody’s shit up and bring us to the age of enlightenment and “a football version of March Madness” – combined with the dismissal of everyone who might disagree with Banks’ position as being extremely moronic or really stupid.  (I’m guessing there’s a fair amount of overlap in those two groups, but only Banks knows for sure.)

But it’s the second that’s pure comedy gold.  Admittedly, I’m a sucker for grandiose pronouncements that are factually wrong like his opener, which ignores that (1) the BCS rules don’t prohibit any D-1 school from playing in the title game and (2) several mid-majors coaches like Gary Patterson have repeatedly stated that they prefer the current BCS arrangement to an extended football playoff, but that’s not the real fun.

This is:

I warn you ahead of time that what lies ahead is more about politics than college football. Receiving this message in addition to me: University of Utah higher-ups (including the president), people within the University’s athletic facilities donated by Jon Huntsman, who may become the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012, the Deseret News (Utah’s main daily paper), and then me…

So before we delve into the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, you may wonder who Brandon Kennedy is? Well, he’s the creator of the Kennedy Proposal, a playoff plan that includes the structure of the BCS. Learn more here and here. And who exactly is Mr. Kennedy, aside from the leader of a grassroots organization?

Well the KP Coalition has a Facebook page, and according to Kennedy’s individual Facebook page, he’s a recent college grad who works at Banana Republic, and Olive Garden prior to his BR gig. So he’s not exactly “inside the Beltway” by any means, and any traction for his political action will likely be organic and grassroots in the truest sense.

So we’ve got some random dude with a Facebook page and the ability to e-mail more than one person at a time who’s hailed as the leader of a grassroots movement for sending this missive:

University of Utah,

Last year I met President Young at the BCS Senate Hearing. It was reported in the Washington Post and I still have not heard a word from Young regarding the Kennedy Proposal. Coach Whittingham believes a playoff can be structured through the BCS and indeed that is what the Kennedy Proposal inhibits.

The majority may not know; however, I sent Young and the majority of FBS presidents an email asking if they would provide a Comprehensive Review of the Kennedy Proposal as it applies to Academics, Athletics, and Economics. President Simon of Michigan State is the sole response and suggested I continue with antitrust lawsuit.
First, all conferences are BCS conferences to me (but now you are a member anyways) and the decision makers of the University of Utah are not exempt of violation of the Sherman Act of 1890. Second, the Department Of Justice has been notified regarding the Kennedy Proposal. Third, Antitrust Attorney General Christine Varney says the ATD will “throughly pursue” violators. (Which certainly Young believes the current BCS model is)
The American people need to be afforded Justice. It’s time to “State your preference”. In an email response, Hancock said each conference will have ample opportunity to state their preferences for the future. This is that ample opportunity.
Do the Decision makers of the University of Utah state their preference for the future by (1) Implementing the Kennedy Proposal* immediately, (2) or remaining with the current BCS model?
The University of Utah has one week to respond or will be included as a members of the Monopoly that Young testified against less than 365 days ago.
God Bless,
Brandon E. Kennedy
Executive Director of the KP Coalition

It is indeed hard to believe that Kennedy has received so little official response to such a credible threat.  Maybe Banks’ attention will prove to be the deal changer.


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13 responses to “This aggression will not stand, man.

  1. Section Z alum

    “The American people need to be afforded Justice.”


  2. Dboy

    The dude abides


  3. In all of this garbage which, quite honestly, makes me laugh for the most part there is one thing I continually see.

    If you aren’t pro playoff you’re an idiot, moron, simpleton, elitist etc.

    This idea that because I’m not sold on their idea I must be an idiot is growing old and stale.


    • Great point. I’ve been beating this dead horse for months now. “Debating” with some pro-playoff supporters is like “debating” with a politician. The pro-playoff crowd would rather spend their time discrediting me using the adjectives you mentioned rather than confronting me with counter points to my legitimate concerns about a playoff system. I can only hear “well if it was good enough for grandpa, then it must be good enough for you” type arguments so many times before I just assume all pro-playoff folks are full of BS. Most of them (Orrin Hatch and Joe Barton the most offensive of all) are more about the quick hit soundbite than making any real logical argument about why their playoff system is so much better or more realistic than what we have now without devolving into the “but it’s not fair” or “you’re just an idiot because you disagree with me” arguments.


  4. NebraskaDawg

    The Banana Republic Empire strikes back!


  5. Dog in Fla

    Now if only the Executive Director of the KP (Kitchen Patrol) Coalition of One was a dude who looks like a lady…


  6. Carruthers

    I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, YOU DO NOT- also, Dude, Banana Republic employee is not the preferred nomenclature. College Grad, please.


  7. Dog in Fla

    The dude decides to go find a cash machine…


  8. Cojones

    While on this subject of self-creation of importance, I’m going to go the; “Mark-Richt-is-on-the-hotseat , every-utterance-by-coach-has-a-mysterious-hidden-meaning, I-am-a-privileged-recipient-of-all-UGA-coaches-utterances” route to attempt to browbeat the loyal fans into my way of thinking. From there I will drop all the big blogger names that can be listed to give the impression that they agree with me and then I’ll go to the Bd of Regents members and buy’em a beer(I’m really that cozy with them). Then I will tell them all that I have perfected the art of objectivity through writing for many years to the point that scientists can’t even tell the difference. With this authoritarian aura of privilege I then will pronounce what the truth is without anyone so much as disagreeing with my objectivity. I’ll call some University that I never attended and let them know how to approach this playoff stuff!

    Wow! I didn’t know it felt like this when growing your ego exponentially! I think I’ll run for a Republican office next! I can see So Car from Macon!


  9. Doug

    Sorry, Banks, but if you don’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s,” I reserve the right to dismiss your argument without any further examination.

    (Also, the Bowl hasn’t existed since 2001. Dude’s such an expert on college football but he can’t be bothered to name-check a bowl that’s actually still played?)


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Wait, what?

    This guy deserves some sort of award. Somebody call Stockholm and see if they can put together a Nobel Prize for Random Capitalization.


  11. negative ?

    There is no reason whatsoever that the # 1 team from the BCS cannot have a game vs the # 4 and that the # 2 and # 3 play, with the winners playing each other.


    We have a play-off system now, the BCS.

    It determines the Top 2 teams only. And, that is completely bogus.


  12. Andy Staples told me that I should get another plan because the Dems won’t pass a double elimination tournament but how will the season end with five BCS bowl champions without that type of system?