When money becomes an object

ESPN loses another BCS sponsor:

The Granddaddy Of Them All is looking for a new sugar daddy. Citi is out as presenting sponsor of the Rose Bowl after a seven-year run supporting college football’s most august bowl game.

Citi’s decision not to renew its deal mainly was based on flexibility and price, sources said. One of the main reasons why it decided to drop the game is because of ESPN’s restrictions over when and where it would spend its money as the Rose Bowl’s lead sponsor.

Anyone else find it amusing that Citi had no problem ponying up the big bucks to Disney while it was sucking on the public teat, but now that the bailout money’s been repaid, it’s suddenly got qualms about the expenditure?


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4 responses to “When money becomes an object

  1. So will every single person who wrote FedEx pulled Orange Bowl sponsorship because of ACC recant or slam Pac10/Big10?

    ESPN’s new package deals are unattractive to folks like Citi and FedEx who have, historically, cast their lot on this one big game and aren’t willing to pay more money for full or partial season sponsorships. The WWL is messing this up.


  2. Reptillicide

    And ESPN chases off yet another HUGE sponsor.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Maybe Citi, which certainly knows something about how not to be left sucking on the hind tit when money becomes an object, just decided to direct its efforts elsewhere because of the little tiff it got itself into when it, in a brillant human resources maneuver, made circumstances available for the ‘transfer’ one of its super-hot banking chicks


    to Chase


    and what Citi may be ‘self-insured’ for when the insurance defense reservation of rights sponsorship kicks in.