Addicted to cupcakes

Kansas State’s Bill Snyder is so hooked on weak scheduling that he’s proposing the Big XII go to two five-school divisions with a championship game.  Read the details; they’re embarrassing.


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  1. The Realist

    That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard.

    I think Bill Snyder would have been all for joining the MWC, provided it finagled the dismantled Big XII’s automatic bid to the BCS.

    What a pansy.


    • Maybe. But I think the MWC would have to promise Snyder two divisions with KSU being in the one that BSU and TCU wouldn’t be in to really tempt him. 😉


      • The Realist

        True. He would want a yearly date with Colorado State… until they become decent again. Then he’ll want to switch to another weak sister.


  2. west coast native

    When KSU was one of the worse programs in the
    country-this cupcake schedule was an excellent
    way to get back to winning. Once you start winning
    one can do better than what Snyder put together.
    They rival Texas Tech in where did they find that school.
    Fort Hays State played a tougher schedule.


  3. dboy

    This guy is macho like a soccer player faking an injury.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    He still loves cupcakes, but these days he has to put them in a blender first. They’re too tough for him to digest.


  5. Just what exactly makes “Most observers, including commissioner Dan Beebe…” think that the other BCS conferences (who just went through all of this disruptive nonsense to get realigned in order to achieve the requisite minimum for a championship game) would be agreeable to granting The Big Shelved™ a waiver for a ten team championship game?
    Or, if not other BCS conferences, what “… other leagues would support such a waiver?”


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If I’m commish of another major conference no way the Big-12 gets my vote for a waiver. Anyway, I don’t understand why there is a problem. If the Big-12 wants a championship game go out and get 2 more teams to replace the 2 that left. Simple enough. You are still a BCS conference. Houston and TCU would jump at the chance, as would a whole bunch of other teams. Snyder (and others, too, I’m sure) want to keep the same TV revenue but split it fewer ways. Greed in just another form.


  7. negative ?

    North Big XII has always been a joke since both Texas and Oklahoma were in the Big XII South.

    This was to prevent a re-match of Texas Oklahoma in the Championship Game.

    The entire North never had a tough schedule.

    # 40 SoS Missouri entire 2009
    # 41 SoS Kansas entire 2009
    # 42 SoS Nebraska entire 2009
    # 49 SoS Colorado entire 2009
    # 65 SoS Kansas State entire 2009
    # 88 SoS Iowa State entire 2009

    Big XII North.

    Click to access fbs_9games_cumm.pdf

    It is a well known fact that this article you provide the URL Link to points out that this is exactly what caused the failure of the Big XII to stay together so that only the Big East of the 6 BCS Conferences would not be having a Conference Championship Game, started by The SEC.

    The Big XII was stacked in the South.

    The Big XII North always was a joke. How could you possibly have a Big XII North that was devoid of any team ever playing a tough schedule ?

    Georgia’s SoS last season was not that hard. It was barely inside the Top 25, respectable. And, we beat 1 team, Georgia tek who ended up # 13 in the Final AP Poll.

    The Big XII North NEVER did that, none of them. A bunch of nobodies playing nothing but nobodies, and offered up as the sacrificial lamb to Texas or Oklahoma as the winner of the Big XII South.

    Now, because of this, the Big XII has their last Conference Championship Game this year. Unless they can find 2 cupcakes to join the North again – losing Nebraska and Colorado from the Big XII North.

    The PAC-10 had to settle for Utah and Colorado, 2 nonplus football teams. Colorado in the dozen years after it forfeited their only 5 wins in 1997, has been the worst football team in college football with soft easy schedules yet 78 Losses the last 12 years – an average of 6 and a half losses every year. Utah’s SoS has also been even worse than the Big XII North SoS every year with Utah SoS for the entire 2009 at # 90.

    The Big 10 got Nebraska, who over the last 8 years has lost 40 games, even with this cupcake schedule they faced – Nebraska has absolutely sucked with 5 losses a year every year on the average for the last 8 years, playing a SoS rarely ever ranked in the Top 50 teams SoS.

    This is exactly what broke up the Big XII. That the South has both Texas and Oklahoma and that there never was anyone in the Big XII North.

    How can you be 1 of the top football programs in America when you play Strength of Schedule # 40 or worse ?

    While The SEC has won the National Championship 4 years in a row, the Big XII North in the same timeframe has averaged 1 team ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll every year. And, that team from the Big XII North never played anyone, let alone beat a ranked team. They voted as a block. All you have to do is to look at the Final AP Poll rankings to see how bad the Big XII North really was, and to look at the SoS for the seasons to see how rarely they scheduled meaningful games – only to lose them all.

    TV revenue after this year will be cut to nothing in a Conference of only Texas and Oklahoma. The Big XII does not exist on this day. It was the joke of the conferences before this, with the worst bowl record in the history of college football highlighted by their 2-4 BCS Title Game record. Is ESPN going to pay the Big XII the kind of monies Arkansas gets in The SEC to lure Arkansas over to that dead conference ? No. LSU ? No.

    The Big XII has always been a joke with their scheduling of cupcakes which made their won / loss record look great – and, brought them like Notre Dame to bowl game match-ups they had no hope of ever winning.

    This is exactly what broke up the Big XII. There isn’t an 11th team out there to add to the North or a # 12 team out there either that ESPN will be ponying up the big bucks for to get them a Conference Championship Game. They don’t have 12 teams after this 2010 season. There is no Conference Championship Game. They have to add to sorry teams to the Big XII North. And, their TV revenue will go DOWN, which is why Texas DEMANDS more money than the other podunk Big XII programs – all playing nothing but cupcake SoS.