Tuesday morning buffet

Dig in, folks.

  • CFN takes an early look at the Georgia-Tennessee game.  I like UT’s defense (if it stays healthy) more and the Vols’ offensive line a lot less than does CFN, but it’s a pretty fair assessment overall.
  • Football Outsiders (which now has a college page you should definitely bookmark) has started its preseason top 25 rankings, which are based on team strength and not where they think teams will finish.  What I like about their approach is that it gives weight to how a program has trended over the past five years; it’s a useful counterbalance to a lot of the analysis we see that tends to focus on the here and now.  Georgia shows up at #19 and it’s hard to argue with any of the fine points raised there.
  • A look at Hayden Fry’s concept of feng shui for the visitor’s locker room at Kinnock Stadium.
  • Somehow, I get the feeling that Southern Cal will be a much sought after dance partner for schools in the next two or three seasons.
  • It’s hard to make Title IX and football work together.
  • Are changes coming to the SEC this season?
  • Luther Campbell sure seems to know a lot about what’s going on with Miami’s program.
  • Bob Stoops confirms what we already know about the Nebraska-Oklahoma game:  it ain’t happening.
  • Given his track record, it’s hard to believe that any school would ignore Craig James’ advice, but he’s got an especially appealing sales pitch for Arkansas to leave the SEC and join the Big XII:  “You’re right. You’re leaving the best conference in America…”


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9 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Bryant Denny

    I wouldn’t mind switching Arkansas with Florida State. I can definitely see how Arkansas is a better fit geographically within the old Southwest Conference. But…

    There are some things you just don’t say out loud. This quote needs to be trotted out each year when the BCS arguments heat up.


  2. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I’m sure Slive has a “make my day” attitude towards the Big “12” recruiting Arkansas. Because if they did recruit Ark., all Slive would have to do is pick up the phone to TAMU. Given the blowback from TAMU boosters last week regarding the decision to not go to the SEC, there’s no way the TAMU president turns down the SEC again.

    And so the SEC would trade the Little Rock and Arkadelphia tv markets for the Dallas and Houston markets. Every day and twice on Sunday.


  3. hannah

    When I saw this, I thought of the push we made for Auburn to play Justin Beiber’s “Baby” as their game day song.

    Turns out, Beiber’s a gator fan. Or a fan of gator fans’ fashion.


  4. FO’s LSU ranking actually got me excited. Higher than I expected, given the team’s 2010 schedule.


    • You probably shouldn’t get too excited.

      A reminder: these rankings are based on projected strength, not projected results. Yesterday, we revealed that Tennessee was ranked 20th in Projected F/+. However, they will find it nearly impossible to better No. 21 Nebraska’s record, as they face a whopping six more projected Top 25 teams than the Huskers. Similarly, Boise State will likely finish with a much better record than most teams ranked ahead of them, because their schedule is more maneuverable. They are a potentially legitimate national title contender despite ranking just 14th.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Craig James is right. Arkansas belongs in the Big-12 not the SEC. Let’em go. The SEC would be better off without them.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Geez, Stoops is an ass.


  7. ugafish

    UT at 20th? Hard to take method seriously.