It’s a long way from Bear Bryant to Jim Harbaugh.



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11 responses to “It’s a long way from Bear Bryant to Jim Harbaugh.

  1. Zdawg

    Be ready for what? Is he going to streak across Stanford Stadium?

    Hey Everyone, Lets Go Streaking!!!


  2. Dog in Fla

    ‘Before you tweet take two of whatever the zenmaster is taking.’

    Another one goes:

    “Does anyone know where the love of God goes When the waves turn the minutes to hours
    1:45 PM May 25th via web”,

    the secular intrepretation of which is that when Pepperdine is losing and Tulane is losing, those games never seem to end.


  3. “I ain’t never been nuthin’ but a wiener.”
    -Jim Harbaugh


  4. dboy

    Get ready recruits. You have greek god metaphors and field of dreamsesque nostalgia in your future. I want to hear his halftime speeches to the team now. Good day and godspeed, sirs.


  5. dboy

    I bet this is the origin of his beef with P. Carrol. Harbaugh told Carrol, that he saw R. Bush in a dream frolic swiftly across the Stanford stadium field, dressed in a toga, get into a black Escalade that didn’t belong to him, drive himself in reverse 99 yards for a scoring a TD for the Stanford Cardinals. Then there was mutual distaste, and 4th quarter deep ball began to fly.


  6. dean

    It may be a long way from Bear Bryant to Jim Harbaugh but it’s not a long way from Jim Harbaugh to nutsville.


  7. 81Dog

    To quote another former resident of California, the immortal Rick James, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”


  8. Will Q

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


  9. Dog in Fla

    After hearing his super-hot young male intern read Harbaugh’s twitter thread aloud to him while Orrin was in his daily meditations kneeling on his prayer carpet with his head atop a shirt with a different coloured collar pointed somewhere in the direction of the Mecca of Mormanism, Salt Lake City, and Mitt Romney, Orrin instructs Utah AG Shurtleff to determine whether the Stanford coach could be drug tested along with the unemployed.

    Upon hearing from Shurtleff that even though its Stanford, it’s still a job, and that it would do nothing in furthering Orrin’s mission to annihilate The BCS, Orrin quickly loses interest and decides to call Joe Barton to see what Joe has been up to lately.


  10. Tommy

    Admit it. He’d be fun as hell to play for. When he gets to Michigan, what he does to Tressel will make it look like he had compassion for Carroll.