Sunday morning buffet

A few random bits for your dining pleasure:

Oh, and check the Lexicon out.  I wound up with two new Derek Dooley-inspired entries.  Your feedback and fine-tuning are welcomed as always.


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6 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. baltimore dawg

    i don’t know wm, of course. i know two people who know him a bit (one a relative of mine) who both say he’s a great guy. i resent the hell out of his squandering of talent and the lost opportunities of the last few years, but i still feel some sympathy for the guy. i don’t think he was ever right for the job of dc (and i don’t think richt gave it a whole lot of thought before naming him to the job), but i think a huge amount of dysfunction developed between the defensive coaches–or, at least, that’s what i’ve heard, and it sure looked like it on the field.

    so one of the reasons i’m optimistic about the long-run prospects for the d is that richt appears to have conveyed the message that the d belongs completely and totally to tg. his salary says so.


  2. Macallanlover

    If only UF’s team and staff were as complacent as their fans and media worshippers. The only people with as high an opinion of them is the WWL. With any good fortune at all, this will be a sad Halloween in Gainesville.

    What is with all the love for Auburn from everyone? There are serious questions about their defense after last year. Newton is as unproven as Murray and doesn’t have the surrounding cast. I think they will be improved but feel they are setting themselves up for a big fall.


  3. Melody Spruell

    I, too, wish nothing but the best for Willie. Like Ray Goff, he was simply the wrong man at the wrong time. Both, however, are great men of character who gave their all for the UGA program. All real Dawgs should refuse to replow that field and wish them nothing but Godspeed.

    As for Pat Dooley, I hope he has better luck with his next batch of medication. He is right when he states that UGA has “the most beautiful setting for a football game in the SEC,” but what is he think when he says “Mark Richt needs to get it going?” That statement implies our beloved program under Richt has been completely stymied. I know I will be accused of drinking the Georgia Kool-Aid, but I cannot recall a game in the last forty years where there was no way for Georgia to persevere and overcome. It is almost time to tee it up, between the hedges 🙂 Woof! Woof! Woof!


  4. PA Dawg

    My son and I were wearing our UGA shirts at the Florida HS football finals a few years ago when Bobo and Willie both approached us and were extremely friendly. They both seemed like very nice guys. I wish Willie well. I think his heart was in it but sometimes people just aren’t right for the job.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The CWM saga contains a life lesson for us all, particularly those is positions with the authority to hire and fire others. Sometimes you want to help someone who is close to you by advancing him/her to a position for which he/she may not really be qualified. If you do that remember that things can blow up and then, have you really helped that person or set that person up for failure? The problem with CWM wasn’t that he was a bad guy or that he wasn’t a competent DB coach. The problem was that he really wasn’t ready to be the DC, a job which requires a different skill-set than being a position coach. I hope for his sake that this does not negatively impact his career long-term but he really needed to go. I am glad he landed on his feet in college coaching as a position coach at a great program. I also would bet dollars to doughnuts that CMR had something to do with that whether CWM knows it or not.


    • Macallanlover

      Well said, UGA fans need to get off the hate wagon everytime CWM’s name comes up. There is no balance to the haters’ comments, maybe the skill set wasn’t right for a DC, but the guy isn’t without talent as a coach and he is a quality person. I am also glad he landed as he did. Good luck to CWM. I hope his daughters kick some of the haters in the cod sack.