The next statue in Gainesville

You know, if you wanna say John Brantley is one of the top quarterbacks in the SEC going into the season, well… it’s a stretch, but at least you can try to justify it by arguing that the conference lacks experienced, talented players at that position.

But when you put forward the idea that he’s one of the top fifteen quarterbacks in the country – right now – you’re just angling for a new Lexicon entry.

I’m leaning towards the GPOOPTE™ (Greatest Player Of Our Post-Tebow Era).  There are some bandwagons you can’t jump on too early.



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16 responses to “The next statue in Gainesville

  1. Puffdawg


    Be careful not to overdo the lexicon, lest it lose its novelty. I’d probably float some new terms out from time to time and see how they stick… just my two cents.


    • The post was tongue-in-cheek, PD. The only terms that get added to the Lexicon are ones that I see me or the commenters using on a regular basis.

      That’s not to say this one couldn’t get added. But I’d be depressed as hell if it were.


  2. Otto

    I move to have the designation “P.T.” (Post-Tebow, as in “B.C.” and “A.D.”added to any reference to a year following GPOOE’s finale at the Sugar Bowl.


  3. Vindexdawg

    “GPOOPTE”? Hmmm…..I like it! “POOP” for short.


  4. UFTimmy

    He’s going to be the best quarterback at UF since Tebow, imo.


  5. 81Dog

    Would a miracle like Brantley being the next great thing make Urban, ME!bow and Brantley something like the Holy Trinity of Gator football? I guess in that scenario, Spurrier is downgraded to something like one of the Old Testament prophets, heralding the future arrival of the GPOOE.

    On second thought, maybe Brandon Spikes should be the third member of the Gator Trinity, and Brantley could be one of ME!bow’s disciples. This Biblical analogy stuff can be tricky, but at least we all realize that all future portrayals of Corch Meyers, the GPOOE, and now probably Brantley (could he be the next JENKINS! type player for Florida that Jenkins actually was for the Gamecocks?) should carefully portray halos around their heads.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Do we have to put a direct reference to Tebow in it? Can we just simplify it by saying…


    GPOOE Since That Last Guy Who Was The Greatest Player Of Our Era

    That way we don’t have to change it every couple of years.


  7. I’m seriously thinking about moving to Montana.

    First there was that whole Dooley decimal thing, then we get ranked 64th by a Saurian litterateur and now this. It really sucks being a fan of a regional power.


  8. Dawgwalker07

    I think my favorite is her response to someone calling her ranking ridiculous:
    “Andrea Adelson: Ridiculous because UGA has a freshman QB and an entirely retooled defense? the bulldogs weren’t exactly world-beaters last year. 4-4 at one point, right?”

    But then literally 1 minute later she responds to the same guy who said her ranking was a gator call and asking her how UGA finished with:
    “Andrea Adelson: this has nothing to do with “gator call” and why does it matter how they finished? they are a totally different team in 2010.”
    So lessons learned today: UGA=bad in 2010 because of being 4-4 at one point in 2009. But their 2009 finish doesn’t matter because 2009 and 2010 are two “totally different” teams.

    Oh and also:
    “Andrea Adelson: i am looking at the facts, the entire D is retooled, is playing a new style, and there is a freshman QB taking over, with no experienced backup.”

    You’d think she could be talking about Florida, but you’d be wrong.


    • fetch

      “You’d think she could be talking about Florida, but you’d be wrong.” +1


      • Vinings Dog

        And what position did Ms. Adelson play in Pop Warner? No, she has never been in the “arena” and it shows by her silly comments.


  9. Jace Walden


    Greatest Player Of Our Era to Never Start A Game


  10. Nate


    Greatest Potential Player of Our Era Maybe? If He Doesn’t Suck


  11. ugalaw

    I am just ready for you guys to knock em off in Jacksonville and then for FSU to end their season with a L to send them to a mediocre bowl. Then we’ll see them try to twist all of their blame on to someone other than Brantley and Meyer. Some excuse about not getting enough love on TV from the announcers even though we still hear about Tebow incessantly throughout games.

    Over/under on Tebow references per UF telecast. 15.