He’s the best Big East coach in the SEC. Ever.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, watching the SEC pundits try to rank this year’s group of starting quarterbacks or their ranking of the coaches.  Actually, skip that – with Finebaum’s howler of a column today, it’s the latter.  Here’s what he has to say about his third-best coach in the conference:

3. Bobby Petrino (Arkansas): After a stunning 41-9 mark at Louisville, fans are still waiting for Petrino to put it all together at Arkansas. On paper, his record in Fayetteville (13-12, 5-11 SEC) is unimpressive. However, fans believe this could be the year the greatness of Petrino comes out again.

By that standard, Dan Hawkins is poised on the brink of becoming one of Finebaum’s five best coaches in America.


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27 responses to “He’s the best Big East coach in the SEC. Ever.

  1. Reptillicide

    Fineboob being a retard… shocking


  2. JoeE

    “However, Georgia fans have stuck their heads in the sand recently, giving Richt a blank check while blaming everyone else.”

    Does anyone really believe this?


    • Richt-Flair

      Not enough clichés … “However, Georgia fans have stuck their heads in the sand while turning the other cheek one of these days, giving Richt carte blanche, blank checks, the whole nine yards while passing the buck on to everyone else instead of looking in the mirror.”


  3. Doug

    Petrino has four good-to-great seasons in C-USA and the Big East in the early/mid-’00s, has some meh seasons in the SEC after that, and he’s poised for a breakout.

    Richt has a bunch of good-to-incredible seasons in the SEC in the early/mid-’00s, has some meh seasons in the SEC after that — though still better than Petrino’s — and he’s a dead man walking.

    Whatever, Powwwwlll. (Really, I think he only wrote this to have another excuse to put his man-crush Saban #1 at something. Everything after him and Meyer was more or less names out of a hat.)


  4. Bryant Denny

    Is it required that every sportswriter write a rankings column when they draw a blank on trying to write something that’s actually interesting?

    I guess the second requirement is to try to make these rankings look provocative.

    Richt/Miles should be 3 and 4 on this list. After that who really cares?

    Have a good day,



    • Is it required that every sportswriter write a rankings column when they draw a blank on trying to write something that’s actually interesting?

      It’s a long summer, BD. 😉


  5. JasonC

    Don’t give up on “Hawk” just yet. He is about to release some untapped zen on whichever conference the Buffs are in.


  6. I think I’ll do a blog post about the fact that bloggers still respond to Finebaum. Richt is coming off of two consecutive seasons where the Bulldogs failed to live up to expectations. Meanwhile, Arkansas is the flavor of the offseason. Petrino gets the benefit of the doubt. Spurrier gets the legend exemption.

    Personally, in my list it’s Saban 1, Meyer 2, Richt 3, and then the rest are just swirling around in a pointless muddle of also-rans. But realize that amidst that pool of also-rans are two coaches who finished with a better record than Richt last season, one of which has a national title and won the head to head matchup a year ago.


  7. Boz

    “However, fans believe this could be the year the greatness of Petrino comes out again.”

    Because, after all, its the fan’s beliefs that determine what the season outcome will be.


  8. Arkansas' Defense

    I magically don’t matter! Derp!


  9. JC in Powder Springs

    I’d hazard a guess most of these sportswriters avoid Las Vegas. Imagine if they backed up the idiotic things they write by placing a bet.


    • kevin

      That’s actually an amazing idea. They should be putting futures down on all these retarded articles they write.

      Wait wait, better yet, make it so that’s how they’ll get salary.

      Like some commission based journalism. You make $x as a base and then we give you $x that you have to put bets down based on your predictions. If you’re right, and you have a good year, you could make tons of money, if not, well sorry.


    • Doug

      Journalists by definition don’t make enough money to do anything in Vegas. That’s why they can spit out random predictions and lame declarations with impunity.


      • kevin

        Whatever they make, these guys should be making less. I can pull 120 FBS names from a hat and get UGA at 64… and hell, I’d do it fo’ free.


  10. Bryant Denny

    I think Finebaum (based on how he drew the names out of his hat) could make a better case for Mullen as the #3 than for Petrino.


  11. Will Trane

    I have a 3-4-5 rule. The winning percentage you see a coach and staff have after three years is probably what you will see over an extended period of time. Petrino’s record outside of the SEC does not exactly overlay with that rule. But what he does this year will begin to fall in the rule. Somewhere this season the rule will set firm for the coaches in the West. Ole Miss and MSU expect to move up as does Auburn. Likewise LSU. If Alabama drops 2 or 3, where does Saban go now.
    I do not think Arkansas moves this year. So Petrino’s non SEC record glows. But the rule of what have you done lately gathers Petrino in.

    Some people think the “Braves” are a legit division contender. Well you look at Accuscore, they do not. Petrino will be hard pressed to finish ahead of Bama, Auburn, and MSU. To get his SEC record to .500 this year will be a push. Richt…the man can coach…tag record at FSU and UGA…impressive! What does it all mean…nothing.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    People tune out these rankings columns. With the occasional difference of a few spots changing here or there depending on what state you come from, they’re all the same bland, meaningless column.

    But Finebaum and the “Bad Guy” in Orlando have discovered the secret for getting page views and generating noise again: the “Batshit Crazy Rankings Column”, complete with specious reasoning to support your misguided claims. Just hit “post” and watch the hits counter go crazy.


  13. “The greatness of Bobby Petrino”…..really? I can only assume he was in an orgasmic induced state of euphoria after his literary encounter with Nick and Irvin’s man parts.


  14. 81Dog

    This kind of caught me off guard. I was really expecting more of a “is this the year Spurrier regains his greatness?” thing. Maybe that comes later in the summer, the next time Finebaum can’t think of anything stupider to proclaim.


  15. jw

    How about a ranking of “tool” sports writers! Jeremy Foley, Finebaum. These guys that write columns to suck up to their respective coaches and fan bases have no credibility!