Life with Father

The DaVaris Daniels recruiting saga – more accurately, the Phillip Daniels saga, since dad is the one doing all the public posturing – grows more uncomfortable by the day.  I’m by no means a recruiting guru, so maybe someone who is can explain whether Phillip Daniels’ stance is a reasonable one.

… This is about Phillip Daniels’ frustration with the recruiting process, specifically with regard to his alma mater. He believes the Bulldogs should have offered his son by now based on his high school production, his video and the fact that Phillip Daniels is his father.

Meanwhile, we know Georgia is fully aware of DaVaris Daniels. The Bulldogs are actively recruiting him. He has been invited to past and upcoming camps, though he has yet to attend any.

Georgia, of course, can’t comment on recruits per NCAA rules. But clearly it must have some sort of reservations or else they would have offered by now.

The reservations seem to center around not having seen DaVaris Daniels in person to evaluate him.

… The main holdback seems to be the fact that DaVaris Daniels hasn’t been on a visit or attended a camp at Georgia. That, Phillip said, has been an issue.

“Their Junior Day, we got a letter the week it was happening inviting him,” he said. “With my schedule, that’s not good. I’m in D.C. at least four days a week. Between his schedule and my schedule there’s a lot of conflicts. I’ve got to have some time to work things out. But all they have to say is, ‘Phil, can you bring your son down?’”

You can’t question Phillip’s devotion to the program and that’s certainly to his credit.  DaVaris seems to have the credentials to play at a big-time D-1 program.  But you have to wonder if this public airing of grievances is in the best interests of either the program or the player, no matter how well-intentioned.  After Texas Tech, I can’t imagine there’s a coach out there that isn’t privately concerned about any parent willing to push his perceptions of a son’s treatment to the press.  Here’s hoping that this situation works out to everyone’s satisfaction.


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10 responses to “Life with Father

  1. dean

    This guy really expects CMR to offer his son based off of HIGH SCHOOL production and a HIGHLIGHT VIDEO! Come on man. If I wanted my son to go to UGA bad enough I would find a way to get him to a camp. I believe I would also understand that until I did an offer would not be made.
    I agree with you Senator in that I hope the situation works out for both parties. However Mr. Daniels needs to quit making excuses and get his son to a camp. Then he can question why UGA has not offered his son.


    • dean

      By the way Senator I just noticed the “Quote of the Day” and can’t help but wonder if CMR’s comment about “not doing jumping jacks like some people when he’s excited” is a subtle jab at Tebow?


  2. Section Z alum

    if it’s that important, why doesn’t pops just write a tuition check and have his son walk on?


    • kevin

      if it’s that important, they would make time. or find someone else to take him to the camps. you only really need the kid’s schedule to work out and someone to get him there.

      they’re hiding something


    • Sanford222View


      If Phillip wanted to really help the program he would do this to free up a scholly for the program. It isn’t like he can’t afford it. Hopefully, he can affrod it and hasn’t taken Money Mgt 101 from Mark Brunell (sp?).


  3. Charles D.

    Anyone know the GRADE situation? I have not seen any mention of it…


  4. JC in Powder Springs

    Daniels is out of line. Reminds me of my neighbor – he wants unemployment, but is too lazy to fill out the forms.

    We’d all like to sit back and have offers pour in while the world awaits our obvious talents. If the kid is as good as Dad says, get his butt down to beautiful Athens and have him prove it. As Woody Allen said, 80% of success is just showing up.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      I meant ‘unemloyment compensation’. He’s already obtained the ‘unemployment’ part.


  5. gernblanski

    From the coaching staff’s standpoint, it sounds somewhat similar to the recent non-accepted commitment at UF. They had a kid from CA who tried to commit, but the UF coaches did not acknowledge since the kid had not been to one of their camps for in-person evaluation.

    Even though we are recruiting him, it sounds like he is slightly down the list on the WR targets and an in-person evaluation by the coaching staff. If I remember correctly, CMR does not offer everyone they are recruiting. The coaching staff only makes offers to kids when they know that they will have a spot for them come signing day.

    It sounds like Daniels plays in a league that is similar to competition to Marlon Brown’s high school. However, he does not possess the same physical gifts as Marlon, so they want to see him in-person.

    I do not think Daniels is completely out of line here. He clearly loves the school and believes his son can help us. He also loves his son and wants him to have the best experience for his son too.


  6. UgaJeff

    This is a CLEAR case of CMR and the staff wanting to see the kid in person and interview him before extending an offer. Concern has been in the last few years that maybe the staff was not as dilligent about this, and they have made a point to correct that going forward. No one, regardless of their legacy, should believe their kid gets a pass because of his name! Just ask Kevin Butler…remember our “Ray Guy Award” winner was still waiting for an offer near signing day! above the