“The brain floats freely in your skull.”

If you haven’t thought much about the Chris Henry story, take a second and read Michael Felder’s post in response to it.

“What about the rest of us?” is right.  With all the recent talk we’ve heard about academics and research in the context of conference realignment, there’s no reason college football can’t be devoting some of those resources and attention to finding ever better ways of protecting the health and well-being of players who sacrifice their bodies on the field for our entertainment.


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  1. The Realist

    Completely unrelated to the story at hand (and, mostly inconsequential compared to the severity of the topic discussed), but at the 0:22 mark of that video, Footbaw Davie said “Willie told us yesterday that he really likes Bacarri Rambo…”

    My response: Oh, really, asshole? Because starting Bryan Evans over Rambo would seem to imply that you hate Rambo, Georgia fans, and the entirety of the peace-loving world.

    By the way, I hate to see anyone injured over this silly little game, but without Rambo’s spectacular play, that’s a game-tying touchdown. I just wish he could have made the same play without the concussion.


  2. Spike

    That hit saved the game. It will go down in the annals of UGA football lore as one of the best hits ever. Of course, I’m very happy he was not seriously injured. We are lucky some idiot ref did not call a penalty on him like the one called on Rshad Jones against Okie State last year. GATA Rambo!


  3. Normaltown Mike

    (1) No helmets and
    (2) Lacrosse style shoulder pads

    will eliminate the “led with the head” problems.

    It will also eliminate the Reshad Jones school of tackling technique


  4. Dog in Fla

    ‘Chronic traumatic encephalopthy,’ the safe word for which, in the sport of boxing, is ‘Parkinson’s Disease.’


  5. @Dog in Fla

    Also known as “Dementia Pugilistica” because its what boxers suffer from that leads to the Parkinson’s and Alzheimer like symptoms.

    Thanks for the link Senator.


  6. Dboy

    Most blatant helmet to helmet hit I have seen. Instant KO. See the player’s arms extend… a sign of severe brain injury. It was transient in this case, luckily. Brutal that this is allowed to happen. BTW, this was after S. Jones was errantly called for helmet to helmet hit in the Ok St. game last year.


    • Dboy

      one has to wonder if this were UGA instead of ND, would this play have stood? Why was this not a penalty and UW handed the game?