Hey, big spender.

There’s an interesting piece at Fanhouse about how much D-1 schools spent on their football programs in the 2008-9 school year.  Check out the breakdown for the SEC:


Expenses (in millions)
1. Auburn
2. Alabama
3. Tennessee
4. Florida
5. Louisiana State
6. South Carolina
7. Georgia
8. Arkansas
9. Vanderbilt
10. Kentucky
11. Mississippi State
12. Mississippi

Ole Miss’ total was the third-lowest overall in D-1.  That’s pretty good bang for the buck, considering that the season culminated in a trip to the Cotton Bowl.

All Auburn got for what it spent was Tony Franklin.


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  1. 81Dog

    The fact that AU is spending so much more than everyone else makes perfect sense to me. They’re still paying off assorted former coaches, bagmen and players as far back as the Doug Barfield era, aren’t they?

    Personally, I think the NCAA ought to impose some kind of sanction on Auburn for being so far over the salary cap. Either that, or force them into a conference with Southern Cal and most of the old SWC, and just let them all cheat to their heart’s content. I guess it would be hard for Auburn to compete at that level. Hollywood money and oil money go a lot further than busted ass bank stock money.


  2. Zdawg

    And don’t forget those nifty Allbarn billboards all around ATL


  3. KO

    And all the Tide got for 2008-09 were an embarrassing loss to the Gators in the SEC Championship Game and a “roll over and play dead” performance and shalacking by the Utes in the Sugar Bowl. An added bonus in 2009 was the “Friends & Family” textbook sale conducted by the Tide athletes.

    Yep, we’re paying past coaches per contractual obligations. If you’re jealous of the salaries we’re paying our current coaching staff, then step up your donations to UGA.

    The Allbarn reference is sooooooo original.

    War Eagle!


    • Erik

      In fairness, Alabama also got an undefeated regular season the dual satisfaction of dishing out an embarrassing thrashing to the odious Barners, and ushering Tubs to the duck blind. Worth every penny.


    • Sanford222View

      We don’t have to step up our donations. We have one of the most profitable Athletic Departments in the country. We just spend our money more wisely.


    • 81Dog

      Yeah, I’m jealous of the fact that AU is still paying Wayne Hall, Tuberville, Terry Bowden, and probably Eric Ramsey, among countless others.

      Just think, for all the cash you’re blowing for hush money on bad coaches, you could have gotten a lot of new doublewides for students, indoor plumbing for your president’s residence, and a couple of year’s worth of hair gel for Chizik, with enough left over to hire the original members of Survivor to belt out their signature hit from 1982 at halftime of your game with Buffalo, or Akron, or Morehead St., or whoever else is on your non-conference schedule this year.

      yeah, we’re jealous of the pasha-like level of awesomeness that the lovliest cornfield has always embodied. Auburn is basically Starkville with better interstate access.


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  5. UFTimmy

    I am curious how they got the numbers, and I am betting they are not useful for comparison purposes at all.

    There is a lot of spending that could be “athletic department” or football, depending on who is doing the accounting.


  6. D.N. Nation

    Vanderbilt isn’t dead last? Sweet ROI, ‘Dores!


  7. txautiger

    SC spends more than UGA and Arkansas! Is the bulk of that Spurrier’s Augusta membership dues?


  8. travis fain

    I want to know what Auburn’s spending all that extra money on. That’s just wild to me.


  9. this just proves that UF is easily the best combo of brains and athletics in the SEC. the state of Alabama has to spend 20% more and gets similar results


    • txautiger

      The numbers would be even more impressive for UF if not for that $1.8MM line item in 2005 mysteriously labeled “redacted”.


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  11. EastCobbDawg

    Somewhere in those numbers, there must be some interesting ratios with regards to the amount of money be spent on football and athletics as a whole in Alabama in proportion to the overall population of the state and state gross domestic product as a whole.

    Florida has an enormous budget but it also has 17M people and much larger economy. Georgia has almost double the population and also a much larger economy but the combined expenditures of UGA and Tech wouldn’t come close to the Alabama numbers. South Carolina, with Clemson and USCe, and a small population might potentially show some disproportion.

    Probably even Texas would have a lower proportion of overall wealth being directed toward its college football teams by virtue of its sheer size. Same with the California schools.

    “Put your money where your mouth is.” as the saying goes. Maybe these numbers mean nothing, but it may also be an indicator of misplaced priorities with regards to state economic growth.


  12. Hard to tell without seeing an itemized breakdown, but I’d imagine that number is high in Auburn’s case because it included paying out the remainder of Tuberville’s contract as well those of as his assistants (yes, including Franklin). It might also include the salaries for the new staff, but again, it’s hard to tell from just a bottom-line number.

    Not exactly an unfamiliar incidence in the SEC; Georgia owed Jim Donnan a great big check a while back, and Alabama is probably still paying off the last few contract extensions to Mikes Shula and Mark Gottfried.