If he were a player, we know what would happen to him.

Damon Evans was arrested for DUI last night.  That ain’t good.

Not sure how that scores in EDSBS‘ Fulmer Cup…

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  1. UFTimmy

    It will be very interesting what will happen to him. If it were Foley it would be worse with the recent DUIs we’ve had.

    FWIW, I think that’s at least double score, if not triple score, in the Fulmer Cup. Even if it’s not enough to put in the top, it should be at least an honorable mention.

  2. The Realist


  3. MonteithDawg

    Was he on a scooter or in Mudcat’s car?

  4. the Coondawg

    Passenger arrested to. Hmmmm, this is a list of what the passenger was arrested for from least probable to most:

    Drugs (Illegal or prescription not in prescribed container)
    Obstruction (mouthin off)
    Outstanding warrants
    Obstruction (switching with the driver and lying about it)

    • Derek

      You forgot prostitute.

    • gernblanski

      Yeah … I figure that Damon will be able to salvage something out of if this if the reason the passenger was arrested is not an escort, arrested for drugs, or is connected to the university as an employee or student.

      However, if any of those things turn up, then Damon is going to face a tough time with Adams and the UGAA.

  5. HVL Dawg

    Out for two games.

    Its all up to Russ to get us those two wins now.

  6. Probably should print out and frame that picture as it’s likely the last one of him as the UGA AD.

    • HVL Dawg

      I’ll bet CMR is thinking, “Damn, Damon why couldn’t you have waited a 4-5 more years before doing this. I don’t want to be AD right now.”

  7. Rusdawg

    The irony of the AJC posting the postgame, please don’t drink and drive video starring Damon, is kind of funny.

    • The Realist

      Now, at least he can speak from experience:

      “It sucks, y’all. So, like, don’t do it.”

  8. DawgBiscuit

    “If he were a player, we know what would happen to him.”

    And it should happen to him as AD. Leaders should be held to an even higher standard than unpaid players.

    • Brandon

      Agreed, I think he should go, what kind of an example does that set? Also, this is why we should never laugh too hard at others misfortunes, sooner or later the cows come home to roost.

    • JC in Powder Springs

      Evans has always been quick to boot others, starting his first day when he dumped Freddie Jones and a couple other long-time employees. There’s no way Evans should be allowed to keep this job. Make Suzanne Yoculan AD, now!

  9. Dennis Felton

    Guess I’ll have to kick him off the team.

  10. Charles D.

    Hey, at least this will be a big bonus for him when he decides to run for office. I am pretty sure that having at least one arrest is mandatory for elected officials.

  11. Dog in Fla

    Michael Adams, on hearing that he is now President of the university that has just been rapidly elevated to first place in the 2010 Preseason Fulmer Cup standings, has his receptionist call a meeting of whatever Athletic Department people are not on Summer vacation including, but not limited to, Damon and has her print out a Google Map with driving directions to UAB and put it in an envelope with Damon’s name on it.

    Meanwhile, Michael goes over in his mind his game plan and has his audio people set this up as background for today’s enhanced interrogation session..

  12. jerome

    Some Possible Replacements:

    a) John Brantley
    b) Kevin Maxwell
    c) Michael Greer

    • Doug

      Our next AD should be someone with prior experience, good name recognition, and whose departure would leave one of our top rivals in the lurch. I’m talking, of course, about Derek Dooley.

      • jerome

        Good hair too, Doug. Don’t forget good hair.

        Speaking of good AD hair and a former player, how about Norman Cowins as possible replacement?

      • 81Dog

        you know, that isn’t the worst idea ever. Derek is actually a very well educated young man. I don’t know what his major was at UVA, but he was pretty high up in his law school class at UGA, and he was working for big firm in Atlanta when he decided to go the coaching route. He might actually be pretty well qualified for the job: young, bright, knowledgeable……plus, it would kill Czar Mike AND annoy UT fans. Works for me.

    • JC in Powder Springs

      Yoculan – she doesn’t tollerate loosers! Probably the best coach of any sport the Dawgs have ever had!

  13. NashGator

    So, is it safe to say that GTP is going to hold back on the UF arrest jokes for a few days?

  14. DawgPhan

    How about we wait until he is actually found guilty…you know like in a court and stuff.

    • Prov

      Did you look at the picture?

      • piper

        you’ve never seen a picture of someone blinking? i’m not saying that’s the case, but i don’t think the picture proves anything whatsoever.

        • Prov

          I don’t know, it looks like a little more than closed eyes going on in that picture. I really don’t care though. I think everyone should get a pass on their first one. I did.

          /reduced to reckless driving, never lost my license. And my attorney wasn’t near as high-end as Damon’s will be.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            There is no way the charges will be reduced no matter who his lawyer is. Too much light on this and too much heat would be put on any prosecutor and/or judge that did that. I have been critical of AD Damon Evans on this blog repeatedly because I felt he was too young for the job when hired and I felt he made some mistakes running the AD, particularly regarding football. That said, I think it would be wrong for the guy to get fired over this. DUI is a serious matter that is punishable by a fine, community service and sometimes jailtime. Nowhere in the GA Code does it say “the defendant shall be fired from his job.” Moreover, DUI is not murder, armed robbery or any other “crime of moral turpitude.” There is a serious danger here IMO. If every time somebody did something they shouldn’t do that person was fired from his job over it we would soon become the equivalent of a totalitarian society with the almighty press and employers serving in the role of dictator instead of the government. You may recall that I was one of the few who felt (and said publicly and on this blog) that Mett got a raw deal–he should have been given an opportunity to WORK his way back on the team. Same here. AD Evans should get reprimanded and be given a second chance. If this had not happened I would have been among the first to support his ouster or demotion to AAD because of job performance issues, but not for this and not this way.

          • Nobody should get a pass on a DUI. It is very simple: you drink, you don’t drive.

            1st offense: lose license for 10 years.

            2nd offense: lose license forever.

            In addition to jail time for both and 1,000+ hours of community server.

        • Looks more like an eyes closed “What the fuck am I gonna tell my wife”

          AJC now has a pic of his accomplice up that I didn’t see in the first read, one Courtney “Stripperface” Fuhrmann… This is gonna get ugly…

      • DawgPhan

        After this…


        and this…


        and don’t forget this…


        forgive me if I dont just assume because a cop said something it must be true.

        • Jim from Duluth

          I certainly understand w/r/t the Gwinnett and north Fulton stuff on DUIs. But the way all the “official” folks are acting this one doesn’t seem to be headed that way.

          In Gwinnett – Bannister was declaring his innocence from the moment he made bail.


          • DawgPhan

            Agreed and it didnt doesnt matter to me if he did it or not. I still like the guy and probably wouldn’t shit can him over this. But I doubt they will call and ask my opinion.

    • That would be far too rational and sane. Don’t you know the only court that matters here is that of public opinion?

  15. Macallanlover

    How old is Damon? Young enough to qualify for the exemption the “boys will be boys” and “we have all done it” crowds that will surely come forth with?

    No minimizing this one, big mistake by someone in a highy visible position with responsibility for young adults. Better hunker down boys, we will get bombarded nationally for this even though it is just one person’s error.

  16. PNWDawg

    Certainly this will help our party school ranking.

  17. Reptillicide

    I think you’re all jumping to conclusions too Sion. I dint know that Damon will be fired. I don’t think he should be. We suspend athletes for DUI, we don’t kick them off the team. Damon has been too good an AD to fire him over a single incident. I’m sure he will have a heavy fine to pay to UGA and lots of public apologies to make, but I don’t think he gets fired.

  18. Trojan in Atlanta

    Man… and I thought our AD was a jackass.

  19. I would imagine there is more to this than what we are privy to at the moment.

    I’ll take the wait and see approach.

  20. Charles D.

    This is a totally honest question….at what point will someone please, please call for the removal of Donald Leebern from the Board of Regents?

    • gernblanski

      Perhaps that is the one way that Damon will be able to keep his job. Maybe he was on his way back from an outing with said Mr. Leebern. Or he had been consuming on of Mr. Leebern’s brands.

    • anon

      As soon as the university stops suckling from his booze distributing teat.

      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        …or people elected governor stop taking his money?

        Honestly, if anyone is interested in this question, pose to every single idiot currently running for governor. It should be simple yes or no. Of course, they won’t answer, but you will find the answer by looking at a list of campaign donors.

  21. The Realist

    Why does he deserve to be fired? He made an error in judgment. That is all. Has his error irreparably damaged his ability to oversee the business side of an athletics program at a university? I don’t really think so. His reputation is going to take a permanent hit — and it should, but I don’t see why this should end his career.

    (If found guilty) Suspend him without pay, give him a zero tolerance policy, make a big deal of it, but give him a second chance. Let him take responsibility for his actions, and move on with his life and his career.

    • Charles D.

      He has to go.

      He is a public figure, paid with taxpayer money.

      Ironic that this comes on the day when we found out that UGA Athletics has hit its lowest point, performance-wise, since 1997. Therefore, it is apparent that Damon is not getting it done with victories.

      Look at football revenues, specifically ticket sales. Down 80% from just two years ago. Guess what, that means the budget is about to shrink.

      Damon was scheduled to get a $100,000 raise today. Guess what, we can find someone else to do just as well as he has, and now we can probably get someone cheaper as well.

      Throw that in with this public embarrassment, on the heels of Gov. Sonny Perdue’s UGA Alum intern getting killed by a drunk driver, and Evans MUST BE REMOVED TODAY.

      There are no if, ands or buts. There is no waiting on a public trial. If this guy is allowed to keep his job, I would hope that every UGA fan on earth with any character would immediately rescind all donations to the school .

      This is pathetic, and there must be a message sent. In addition to Evans, I truly believe that Donald Leebern should be removed from the Board of Regents and that Michael Adams should be removed as president, but at least getting rid of Damon would begin cleansing what has become an endemic problem in Athens.

      It is time to clean up the mess over there.

      • Point #1: He is not paid with taxpayer money. He is paid by the UGA Athletic Association which is funded by donations and ticket sales and is completely independent of the University.

        Point #2: I know many people in my industry that were given a second chance and have done great things in their lives and careers after going through a similar situation. While a DUI is unforgiveable, it is a momentary lapse in judgment. One momentary lapse in judgment to me does not equate to a complete inability to perform one’s duties at his job. So please spare me the righteous indignation comparing this to the unfortunate situation that happened to the Governor’s intern a few weeks ago.

        The man has done well at his position at the Athletic Association. UGA’s Athletic Association is one of the few AA’s in the NCAA that operates in the black.

        I suppose you’ve never made a poor decision that you wish you could take back that had absolutely no impact on your ability to perform your job? Do you believe your qualifications to perform your job should be based on your one poor decision or rather your body of work?

        • Charles D.

          I have had a DUI.

          I was a dumbass college kid, not a leader of men, before whom I have to stand and deliver a message of sobriety.

          This is ridiculous. If we were really to believe that this was simply a “momentary lapse in judgement,” I would somewhat agree with you. However, this merely confirms a lot of rumours that have been coming out of Athens for a few years now.

          He has to go, plain and simple.

          • Hackerdog

            Since, you have had a DUI, there is absolutely no reason to listen to anything you say. You have committed the unpardonable sin. You should be cast out and shunned. You should be forced to live out your days in isolation in the Unabomber’s old hut.

            Of course, I could be wrong. It may be possible to commit a traffic crime and continue to be a productive member of society.

        • A DUI is not a momentary lapse in judgment. In fact, it is not even a lapse in judgment of any kind. It is an intentional act and a deliberate decision to put other people’s lives at risk for purely selfish benefits.

          This isn’t deciding to speed or run a red light because you think nobody will be affected. This is getting in a car and driving when you KNOW you are impaired by alcohol.

          And problem with some whore or mistress to boot.

          He needs to go. I hate to say it, because I liked him, but he has to go.

          • Hackerdog

            That’s ridiculous. A DUI is, of course, a lapse in judgment. A deliberate decision would be to pick up a gun without checking to see if it’s loaded, pointing it at another person, and pulling the trigger. Most DUIs are about drinking a few beers, feeling fine, believing you’re not significantly impaired, and ending up slightly over the legal limit, which is much lower today than it was a few years ago.

            If you’re really this outraged about driving impaired, I assume you’re in favor of rescinding the drivers licenses of everyone over the age of 65, right?

      • Macallanlover

        I would agree with you Charles D IF, and only if, there is truth to the “rumors” of ongoing misbehavior and he has been given a warning. I think a warning to an adult is sufficient to set a zero tolerance performance standard, and enforce it.

        Otherwise, set that requirement for expected behavior going forward, demand a public apology, dock him of raises for a year, or three, and give him a chance to prove this was an aberration. By the way, the statement about an 80% decline in football ticket revenue is a gross misstatement.

  22. shane#1

    Evans can keep his job, if you bring Zeb back and Mett back and every kid in between that has been kicked off for any offense related to alcohol. Oh, and give Hebron back a year of elegibility.

  23. heyberto

    Damon was a damn good AD, and it will make his departure especially painful, but he’s gotta go.

    • Charles D.

      He really wasn’t that good of an AD. I don’t understand where that myth comes from.

      Look at the results. They speak for themselves.

      • hassan

        – 10 National Championships
        – 19 Conference Titles
        – Nation’s most profitable intercollegiate athletics program
        – 75% graduation rate

        Yeah, what a loser.

        • Charles D.

          Dude, that thing runs itself.

          We will not have the chance to see how he would have done next year, but football ticket revenue is down 80% from 2 years ago.

          Our teams have sucked ass this year, finishing an embarassing 20th in the Directors’ Cup.

          Things are clearly on a downward trend, and it may wind up being a good thing that Damon is being fired.

          • hassan

            I disagree. Everything ebbs and flows from time to time. The greatest programs in all sports have taken a step back once in awhile. I don’t see the “clear downward trend”.

            Additionally, it’s laughable to say that the department and UGA sports in general just “runs itself”.

            A lot of factors go into that ticket revenue number you are all hung up on now. One of which are the ridiculous donations that went into a preseason #1 ranking back then – nowhere to go but down after that. The second of which is the little thing called a recession that hit every athletic department hard.

            The football team is poised to bounce back and I expect the clear upward trend of the basketball program to continue. Our other sports should be competitive for the foreseeable future as well.

            This incident is undoubtedly unfortunate. But outside of that, Damon Evans is at the very least a good athletic director (I actually think he’s a bit better than that [imho]).

            • Charles D.

              There are hundreds of qualified folks out there. He has got to be fired for this. What little credibility the Athletic Department still has hinges on ability to clean out the mess.

              • hassan

                Firing him for this incident is one thing. I won’t argue about the reasoning around that.

                Firing him for not being a very good AD is another. I strongly disagree there. He’s had a good track record.

      • Mark Fox


  24. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t want the man fired for this, but it’s humiliating for the University, and if they do end up canning him over it, I’ll be fine with it. I’ve heard from different friends over the years (at least three separate people) who have run into him at restaurants or bars at bowl game sites where he appeared to have had two or three too many (not being disorderly or anything, just apparently intoxicated). I laughed it off because it could have just as easily been me, but the fact that he got in a car and drove through Atlanta in that state gives me some serious concerns.

    In any event, if he manages to keep his position with the University (which I think he will), it will be pretty fun the next time UGA has to suspend an athlete for an alcohol-related offense. The athletic administration has lost the moral high ground on that one.

  25. Go Dawgs!

    On a lighter note, will this count against Coach Dooley’s stats in terms of recruiting athletes to UGA with legal problems?

  26. Spike

    What is the fax number so I can send my resume for UGA AD?

  27. HVL Dawg

    550 grand a year will buy a lot of beer!

    I can’t wait to hear about the passenger. Now THIS is entertainment!

    Don’t forget Derek was AD at UL(whatever).

    Sorry Damon, but you are screwed.

    • Charles D.

      Set and Match.

      This is why 34 year old guys are not given the keys to the castle.

      I hope he can find something worthwhile to do with his life, but he should no longer be the AD at the University of Georgia.

    • The Realist

      If the rumors that said lady is, um, “of the night,” then that on top of the alcohol indiscretion is sufficient to can him.

      That goes from being a terrible lapse in judgment to being a colossal screw up. Things you never, ever get caught with (unless you are a politician): hookers & blow.

  28. Derek

    Having a couple downtown after work and getting pulled over on the way home to the wife and kids is one thing, but driving around Buckhead at midnight with another woman paints an ugly picture. I don’t see how a resignation is avoided here.

    Anyone have a short list of possible replacements? Mike Garrett might be interested. I’m joking of course but its no dumber than the Derek Dooley idea. I don’t see a Dooley working for Adams.

  29. hassan

    Not looking too good for Tiger Woo…oops, I mean Damon Evans.

  30. 202Dawg


    Just looked the young lady up on the intergoogles and found this. Pic looks the same as the mug WSB has. Silver lining: at least it APPEARS she’s not a ‘working girl’…

    • hassan

      Uhhh, heh, heh…her profile says she has 69 connections. Heh, heh….69.

    • gernblanski

      202 do quick perusal of the website of her current employer. A lot of fluff some weird business connections. How or why does a real estate asset management group have a video production division and a department store division?

  31. 81Dog

    Maybe if Damon gets fired, Don Leebern can give him a job.

  32. Jim from Duluth

    I submit that UGA should not get Fulmer Cup points for this circumstance.

    Instead, this is a “special achievement” case. I’m pretty sure EDSBS has a history of doing that instead of tacking on Fulmer Cup points.


  33. Scott

    presser streaming live on http://www.cbsatlanta.com

  34. Charles D.

    Well, the chicken shits are too sorry to fire him.

    That’s it.

    I enjoyed my 30 year love of the Dawgs, but it’s over for me. I give up. Enjoy guys. I will be rooting for some little D3 Liberal Arts school somewhere.

    I am disgusted and as disappointed as I have ever been in anything in my entire life.

    Oh well.

    • Derek

      Why exactly would you stick with the Dogs after the Jan Kemp scandal and the Jim Harrick and son scandal, but this is the last straw? I like Damon, competed against him in high school, but he should have resigned and I think he’d have been fired if they could have (they would probably have to pay him a lot of money not to be AD under the terms of his contract), but I don’t see this as being the difference between being a Dog and not being a Dog. I don’t get it. Explain yourself. Frankly if Michael Adams got caught raping goats on acid and he wasn’t fired, its not even crossing my mind to not be a Dog fan. I don’t mean to say that there is nothing that could happen that would alienate me from the program, but it would have to be something more than the conduct of an administrator in conjunction with less than optimal consequences.

      • PNWDawg

        Is Michael Adams on acid or is the goat? That makes a difference for me. Personally, I found the continued use of directional kicking to be far more heinous than the items mentioned above. But I agree with your overall message. I think this guy is having a knee-jerk reaction which supports the idea that Evans’ future should not be decided right away.

        • Derek

          Now you are making this complicated. Not sure that it much matters whether its the goats that are on acid unless of course it was ingested involutarily via some conduct of Mr. Adams which might be marginally worse than using the acid himself. Seems a dangerous proposition to have sex with a goat that is on acid though. You’d think there would be enough confusion in the goat as it was. Now if it were a date rape drug administered to the goat that might actually be seen as more humane in its own context, however, I think I’d still take the position that Adams should be replaced. Of course, I held that position before the goat, the acid or the date rape drug. So I guess, in the end, I disagree on the import of my lack of complete clarity on the issue of which party is on acid in the Adams Goat Sex and Acid Scandal.

      • Derek, you’re right – from an embarrassment/outrage standpoint, this has nothing on the Harricks.

        • hassan


          Lapse in judgement vs. wanton cheating?

          • Sorry, this is far worse than cheating.

            A couple of bogus grades can’t KILL someone.

            DUI can and does kill millions.

            • Hackerdog

              Give me a break. Are you in favor of banning cell phones and radios in cars? Those can impair reaction time every bit as much as being over the legal limit for alcohol.

              Are you in favor of banning the elderly from driving? Their reaction times are atrocious even while sober.

              Don’t get all self righteous on us about how drinking 2 beers and driving is perfectly fine, but drinking 3 beers is attempted murder.

            • Hackerdog

              FYI, you’re “kill millions” is just a tad off. In 2008, there were 11,773 deaths attributed to alcohol-impaired drivers. That’s a lot less than “millions”.

    • Macallanlover

      Me thinks reviewing your irrational comments here, and some I reviewed before, this is a loss we will survive. Maybe someone who never got over the Dooley dismissal? Certainly someone who isn’t a big CMR supporter. With the little everyone knows about this 12 hours in, your decision seems to have many other issues unrelated to this. His lawyers and the prosecutors haven’t decide what is going on yet, but you know enough to leave 30 years of, alledged, love behind. Will you be doing a tin soldier, or a triple back flip?

    • hassan

      See ya’ around Chuck.

      I hear there is a new program starting up in Atlanta. You can still get in on the ground floor.

      I’m going to stick with my alma mater.

    • Reptillicide

      Charles D is either:

      A) A racist who never has liked a black man being our AD

      B) Someone who is still bitter over the Dooley dismissal

      C) Someone who is posting under the influence, which is an unforgiveable action and he shouldn’t be allowed to post here anymore.

      Seriously, d00d seems like he has an axe to grind and this just gave him an opportunity to swing it. Damon has done an outstanding job, the profit margins speak for themselves.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Rep. I gotta disagree with your forgoing assessment. I favor not firing Damon Evans (see my post above). But no, he has not done so hot as AD. Good revenue stream from sale of seats at games (every year every game is a sellout), TV, etc. all of which was set up before he ever showed up. Not so hot profit on sales of UGA sanctioned merchandise, license fees, etc.This is masked by how incredibly profitable the other stuff is. UGA is actually middle of the SEC pack for all operations, near bottom for the license fees and merchandise. Also, I don’t want to beat it to death (I already did last September) but opening up in Stillwater as fodder for the grand opening of the new Okie State stadium funded by Boone Pickens was just asking for it–galactically stupid. It was the “coming out party” for the Cowboys with home-cookin’ referees serving Dawg as the hors’devours for the Pokes. Saw it coming a mile away and was saying so before the game to everybody. Howcome Damon did not see that too and avoid it? There are plenty of other examples. The job of the AD is to put his team in the best possible position to win. CMR tries to do that. AD Evans gets in the way, IMO. This crazy “branding” idea he has about flying to the other side of the country to play OOC games in midseason hurts, not helps, the program. The way to “brand” is to win games and championships like Bama and FLA. You do not see those teams making the same kind of scheduling errors because they have smart ADs. I could go on but I won’t.

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg


        D) Just a troll.

    • Reptillicide

      By the way, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Charles. Don’t need people like you anyway.

      • Hackerdog

        I have to agree with Charles. This is the worst day of my life. I can’t take it any more. Goodbye, cruel world.

        I just can’t live in a world where the UGA AD drinks beer.

        Then, again, maybe I just need to relax. OK, forget it.

  35. Scott

    Drama much Chuck???

  36. Section Z alum

    it’s amazing what a hot link will do to increase the number of ads offered with the post, no? beer on the senator!

    ….but of course we’ll all take a cab. with our wives.

  37. Boz

    Please read Hale’s Q&A. As painful as this is to the institution, and myself as a fan, I feel better having read Damon’s responses to the questions. Mistakes are commonplace, taking genuine responsibility after making one is a rarity.

  38. Perspective

    Well, we had a 2 term President that had a DUI and his VP had 2 DUI’s. Did any of you that are calling for DE’s head vote for them?


  39. kdsdawg

    I respectfully ask any of you who are dismissive of his DUI, what would you feel if he had struck a family member of yours while DUI and killed them. This man has way too much money to not be getting a ride from a limo or at the very least a cab. I am a DAWG and always will be, but as long as DE remains the AD, they will not get a dime of mine.

    • Derek

      You could make the same argument if he was driving recklessly, but I don’t think a reckless driving ticket gets you fired.

      • DUI is an incredibly selfish, deliberate, and intentional act that takes place before you even drive anywhere.

        Reckless driving is a mistake.

        DUI is intentional.

        Big difference.

        • Derek

          I really hate to call names but you are a moron. Reckless driving is the purposeful act of driving dangerously. You know like driving north on the south bound lane of I-85. It can be driving 70 mph through a residential neighborhood where kids are playing. It’s not accidental. It also kills on occassion at no different rate than DUI.

          • Hackerdog

            It also completely ignores the degrees of DUI. Drinking like you’re a Florida DE, so that you actually pass out behind the wheel is incredibly stupid and reckless. On the other hand, having a 0.05 BAC can get you a DUI in Georgia. A 35 year-old with a 0.05 BAC still has better reaction times than a 70 year-old. Should we call elderly drivers potential murderers?

  40. negative ?

    It does not surprise me 1 bit that your dismissive souls are in here trying to dream up your usual EXCUSES.

    Penalties for Breathalyzer Refusal

    •One-year license suspension

    Under implied consent, when you drive in this state.

    If this is his 1st DUI in the last 5 years, or 1st DUI in the last 10 years, in Georgia, he also faces :

    First Offense

    •$300-1,000 fine
    •10 days-1 year in jail
    •One-year probation, less time served in jail
    •One-year driver’s license suspension
    •Minimum 40 hours of community service
    •Completion of alcohol/drugs & driving class

    There are no absolutes in refusing breathalyzer, but you are presumed guilty.

    You will have blood tests.

    That this is where we are, that our Athletics Director who refuses to build us an Indoor Practice Facility and who refuses to build us a gym with more than 10,000 seats unless he can come up with the cash up-front when the whole world buys real estate on 30-year mortgages, teaches us that he thinks we should refuse a breathalyzer, is a sad state of affairs for a team who has faced more of these charges than every other school.

    We had our Offensive Coordinator convicted of DUI just 4 years ago, Neil Callaway.

    Great example for the kids.

    Fire Damon Evans.

    Michael F. Adam$ hired Damon Evans before he was ready for this job. Adam$ did this to personally challenge Vincent J. Dooley for supremacy at UGA.

    Rampant arrests and suspensions for 10 years of the Coach Richt Era and for 7 of these years, Damon Evans has turned a deaf ear, allowing it to reach this crescendo of 40 arrests / suspensions of football players and athletic directors at The University of Georgia since February 2007, three years.


    I VOID that CONTRACT herewith.

    Pay Damon Evans starting Thursday two million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars over 5 years with $20,000 raises after each year of the contract.

    Not counting all the spiffs.

    Like being out at Midnight just before the 4th of July weekend with a younger gal over a dozen years younger than he a pretty girl also DRUNK AS A SKUNK and unable to even listen to the Trooper tell her repeatedly to stay in the BMW, Damon Evan with a wife at home and family.


    For this.

    I think not.


    As a matter of fact, you can directly correlate the decisions of Damon Evans as AD with the results on the field for a football program which has historically been the # 11 best in the nation in Wins All-Time in 1-A Football, yet over the last 4 years has been instead 38-14 good for # 19 in the nation in won / lost record over the last 4 years with a 10-10 SEC East record over the last 4 years good for # 3 in The SEC East, and a 20-12 record over the last 4 years good for a # 4 in The SEC position for this once Proud University of Georgia.

    Director of Athletics hand-picked by Michael F. Adams when he was NOT READY.

    Neil Callaway was NOT fired by Damon Evans.

    He should have been and was totally ineffective and doomed to failure since his DUI.

    I can just see it now. Pictures of The University of Georgia with our DRUNK AS A SKUNK shamed Director of Athletics humiliating UGA telling EVERYONE ELSE to not drive when they drink. 2-faced smashed AD.

    No wonder we have all these arrest issues and no wonder our football program and all the other programs have fallen off the face of the earth as his tenure endures. Perhaps now Michael F. Adam$ will hire as Our Athletics Director in charge of all our Coaches and all our Student-Athletes, someone who has


    You cannot suspend the person who is in CHARGE.

    Tailgaters cannot any longer enjoy their time on Game Days, Players are KICKED off the football team recently, but Damon Evans married can go get DRUNK AS A SKUNK with a young gal at Midnight and keep his job he was NEVER READY FOR in the first place.

    Michael F. Adam$’ hands are tied on this one.

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