“But I don’t guess they’ve heard the last of me.”

Mike Leach has a book coming out in January.

… For now, Leach is living the tropical life, recharging his batteries and working with writer Bruce Feldman on a book, in which he’ll likely tackle topics such as his fascination with pirates, and why he had to walk the plank at Tech.

“[The book is] coming out in January, so that’ll keep me busy,” Leach said. “If I’m not working [by January], I’ll be out promoting the book, which, of course, will help sell more books…”

Can’t wait to read the chapter on Craig James… and I wonder if fellow WWL employee Feldman has any special insight to offer on that front.


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3 responses to ““But I don’t guess they’ve heard the last of me.”

  1. where do I pre-order?


  2. 69Dawg

    Actually met Mike in Key West a couple of weeks ago coming out of B.O.’s Fish Wagon. We talked for a minute and he mentioned meeting Erk while he was coaching at Valdosta State. He was very friendly and I wished him luck in his law suit.


  3. Mayor Of Dawgtown

    The longer the lawsuit rags on the worse it is going to be for Leach, I fear.