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Welcome to Athens

For all of you who know as surely as the sun rises in the east that the Georgia-Florida series will be magically transformed if the game would just get the hell out of Jacksonville, here are some pesky stats:

… Georgia is 24-13 at home and 26-11 on the road against the other five SEC East teams. (Since the SEC went to divisions, the Bulldogs have played Florida home-and-away once, with the rest of the games against the Gators in Jacksonville.)

Georgia’s “opposite” record also extends to playing the SEC West. The Bulldogs are 16-11 at home and 20-6-1 on the road against SEC West opponents.

The only other team in the conference that has a better road record than home record against division rivals is Vanderbilt.  That’s probably got something to do with the weather in Nashville.



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But he breaks just like a little girl.

Judging from the reaction, whatever chance Damon Evans had of surviving his arrest with his job intact has likely gone out the window with the release of the police report.  Specifically, this part of the police report:

The subject began crying uncontrollably before I took him into the jail.

Lurid details aside, there’s not much of a surprise in the rest of the report.  We already knew he’d been drinking.  We already knew he’d gotten behind the wheel while he was intoxicated.  We already knew that he was with someone he shouldn’t have been with at a questionable hour.  And we already knew he wanted to keep his job.

But crying?  There’s no crying in college athletics, at least not on the administration side of things.


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