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Mark Bradley is seeing red (panties).

This is, pardon my French, 100% unadulterated crap:

… A awful lot of people have paid money to receive the diploma that graces their wall, and those people want that piece of paper to mean something.

Had Evans stayed in place, that diploma would have been cheapened by the memory of a regrettable mug shot and the image of red lingerie…

Assuming the truth of everything in that police report, Damon Evans deserves to be gone for the simple reason that anyone exercising such poor judgment has no business being in charge of a multi-million dollar operation that depends in significant part on the good will of thousands of fans.

But his recklessness has nothing to do with the value of my diploma.  You know who did affect the value of my diploma?

The people whom Jan Kemp fingered.

Jim Harrick, Jr.

Funny thing about both of those situations:  the athletic director wasn’t purged.  Pleading ignorance – in one case, about a situation involving the eligibility of players whom the AD also coached and in another, about a coach and his father whose careers prior to their arrival in Athens were aswirl in controversy – was enough to keep Vince Dooley off the hook.  It worked for Michael Adams, too.

So please don’t try to bullshit me about academics here and my degree.  A guy who screwed with those is passing judgment on Damon Evans’ career as I type this.



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Thank you, friends.

A couple of quick housekeeping notes:

  • I got my first Google Adsense check yesterday.  Thanks to all of you who’ve been clicking the ads.
  • Somehow I missed catching it when it happened, but last month saw the site log its four millionth hit.  Color me amazed and deeply appreciative.


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It’s lawyer time!

I wondered when we’d see the first of these announcements.

Meanwhile, Dean Legge points out that canning Damon Evans without compensation may not be the slam dunk everybody presumes it to be.

I’m guessing the next version of Georgia’s employment contract includes a “red panties” clause.


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We the people.

I don’t know any more appropriate way to celebrate our nation’s independence than to read Coaches Hot Seat Blog.

Note:  No way a Real American would or could never support the Bogus BCS.

Joe is a national treasure.


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