Alert the media.

Or at least Andrea Adelson.

4. Teryl Austin, defensive coordinator, Florida: Coaches are copycats by nature, and if something is successful, all the more reason to try. The 50 base defense (a 3-4 alignment) is growing in popularity, and the Gators could use the system as much as 50 percent of the time under Austin. [Emphasis added.] Florida is chasing Alabama, and no one runs the 50 like the Tide.

So let’s see:  new defensive coordinator running a new defensive scheme with a significant turnover of personnel, along with a new quarterback.  Sound familiar?

Hey, I don’t expect her to drop the Gators as far as the Dawgs – they won a lot more games last year.  But still, that sure sounds like a recipe for a shocking ranking from Ms. 64, if you ask me.  How ’bout we split the difference and rank Florida at #32?


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  1. RusDawg

    Speaking of Miss 64. You have to read that capsule she wrote on Texas Tech today. This part is priceless:

    Tuberville has said he is going to stick with a similar-type offense that Mike Leach ran, an offense known for putting gobs of numbers up on the board. The top six WR return as well. Tuberville also said he wants to run the ball more as well, and has a cadre of backs in Baron Batch, Eric Stephens and Harrison Jeffers returning.


  2. She must have missed the part where Austin announced that he’s essentially going to be running Charlie Strong’s scheme with few modifications. The 3-4 was George Edwards’ thing, and he’s in Buffalo.


    • Actually, that quote is from Sporting News’ Matt Hayes.

      Just more evidence that it’s hard finding anybody in Pundit Land who knows what he/she is talking about all the time.


  3. UFTimmy

    Matt Hayes generally knows what he’s talking about with the Gators, at least as much as a national columnist does.

    But I’ve still never heard it anywhere but here. I was not looking for it at the Spring game, but I did not notice it, or read about its presence, either. It will be interesting to see what happens.


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