Auburn quick hit

Stability is nice, I guess, although it comes at the cost of retaining Ted Roof.

When it comes down to it, Auburn’s success in 2010 is in the hands of Cam Newton and Roof.  Not to say it can’t work out, but that pair’s not exactly Joe Montana and George Seifert.  Or McElroy and Saban, for that matter.


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6 responses to “Auburn quick hit

  1. WarD Eagle

    I’m much more confident in Roof – because he’s done it before.

    Cam Newton (“but he has a cannon of an arm!”) was fairly inaccurate in the A Day game. Especially, when compared to the other QBs. Nonetheless, I’m confident the coaches know who their best QB is – even if he may not be “the best”.

    Who knows if Chizik becomes TommyT-ish and begins “helping” his DCs maybe AU’s defense will look more like an AU defense of yore.


    • Never been that impressed with TR. Always thought his Tech defenses were overrated. But you make a good point about Chizik.

      As for Newton, I look at him and think Brent Schaeffer. Maybe he’ll surprise, though.


  2. Dawg N Suds

    Stability too often brings complacency, stubbornness, and stagnation.

    We all saw how well “stability” worked for Georgia the last two years.

    Even in their second year, I see the same for Auburn.


  3. LRGK

    Hmm, Roof did better than UGA in year one.


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