Kiffin watch: in defense of Mike Hamilton

A lot is being made on the Intertubes about Tennessee’s decision to turn down an opportunity to play Southern Cal in the 2011 opener at the Georgia Dome, but it’s the right call.

And not because it might be too big a challenge.

It’s that UT is no longer in the promote Lane Kiffin business any more.  Why should it be providing any sort of opportunity to keep his name out in front?

Besides, why would you want to help do anything which might distract from this story?



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6 responses to “Kiffin watch: in defense of Mike Hamilton

  1. As much as I would have liked to have seen this game, I think this was an excellent move by the UT Athletic Dept. One of the few they’ve made recently haha.


  2. This game is about one thing. Recruiting in Georgia… Okay two things. Money and recruiting in Georgia. Why do you think Saban trips over himself every year to sign up for this game?


  3. 69Dawg

    ESPN said it best Lane K is just trying to keep Himself and USC in the news at all cost and is the only person that thinks any news spotlight is a good one. He better hope the new AD is as big an idiot as Mike “FUNCAA” Garrett.


  4. The Watergirl

    Keep USC out of the south, this is SEC country and no outsiders needed to still our recruits! That is the only reason you see these teams coming to ATL is to boost their south recruiting.
    As much as it kills me, Good job UT by far the smartest decision you have made in a couple of years.


    • The Waterboy

      How about UGA playing that game in the Georgia Dome instead of UT? If we won, that would totally solidify UGA’s hold on the state in recruiting. If we lost, but kept it reasonably close, that would still be a recruiting coup because of the national exposure. If we got killed, it wouldn’t be that bad because everybody would have favored USC. The only real negative that I see would be that a bad loss would start the season off on the wrong foot, but we would still have almost the whole season left to come back. Plus, we owe the Lamer an ass-whippin. Karma, ya know.


      • JC in Powder Springs

        I would love to see the Dawgs whip kiffin’s butt in a game like this. Other than that, I see no reason for the Dawgs to schedule the game. I wouldn’t object to a home and home though.