Hines Ward and an alternate reality

With the discussion about Coach Donnan here yesterday, I thought this clip made a timely appearance at Bernie’s blog.  Dial it up to the 1:25 mark and watch.

Remember that Donnan had a background with option offenses at Oklahoma.  Can you imagine what Georgia could have done running Hines Ward and Robert Edwards in some version of the Wildcat?  Or how about Florida’s spread option?

The only downside would have been that Donnan would have taken his best wide receiver off the field.


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14 responses to “Hines Ward and an alternate reality

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hines Ward: Dirtiest Player in the NFL. There’s something admirable about a receiver earning that award.


    • 69Dawg

      It tells you that the NFL has become the big silly league. What happened to bad a$$ linebackers and safeties?? In the NFL highlights Hines was taking out linebackers and safeties.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I was thinking of that angle when I wrote my comment, but I couldn’t fit in both ideas. But you’re right to be a little nostalgic for Conrad Dobler, Dick Butkus, etc.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    The times I interfaced with Donnan as a fan he always seemed strained and ready to growl. However, he did light up and took extra time with my young sons. Signing and chatting and answering their questions. My youngest also saw Hines a few times at BBall games and seemed thrilled with him. He still has the picture taken with him. To this day he likes to listen to Donnan and watches the Steelers. Hines has always been a favorite.


  3. Brandon

    Unfortunately no matter what we’d have run in 95-96 we’d have still been stuck with those defenses and likely Robert Edwards injury at UT in 95.


  4. Brad

    With the new taunting rules I wonder if the first td would have been called back in 2010? He hops at the one when a tech defender is on his heels but then hops again in the endzone. Would the penalty be retroactive to the one and not a touchdown? This is going to be a fun year with that penalty.
    I also love the class of the tech fans. Give the bird in one endzone and throw trash in the other. Is that the famous tech class that all their fans talk about?


  5. Patrick

    0:14 second mark.



    • Marshall

      Yes! I remember seeing that on TV as it happened…I turned to my brother and said, “That techie was giving Hines the finger. We were recording it and checked it during the commercial…good stuff!


  6. Charles D.

    That shotgun option that Qu*ncy always ran was real keeper.


  7. Sky_Dawg

    Man I wish he would have broken that one @ 1:25


  8. HamDawg11

    Hines is def one of my all time fav dawgs. Been a Steelers fan and Dawgs fan my entire life, so it makes it easy.


  9. The ATH

    I dunno. Florida seemed to do OK the last few years taking their best “linebacker” off the field to play QB.