Summer means fun.

Do you ever get the feeling that college football coaches wish they could simply abolish the month of July?


UPDATE: It’s always special to get your first arrest before your first reception.

Police have charged UT freshman Da’Rick Rogers, 18, with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, DeBusk said. Rogers is a 6-foot-3, 205 pound receiver out of Georgia.

Who knows, when it’s all said and done, we may owe the Nance family a thank you.


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  1. NebraskaDawg

    Was Paul Johnson there?


  2. Prov

    Come on, who didn’t knock out the occasional off duty cop while they were in College? Boys will be boys.


  3. Read in a couple different places that Da’Rick was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Not sure if it’s true, but it’s kind of disappointing he couldn’t even make it a month in college without trouble.


  4. The Watergirl

    Come on!! Does this really shock anyone? Rogers will end up being a complete bust of a recruit and UGA won’t even remember who is was three yrs. from now! Better question is where was Nash at to save the day? Dooley is basically just recruiting more and more thugs!


  5. NCT

    “We have a strict dress code, and they’ll try to cross the line as much as they can,” [bar co-owner Sandy Morton] said. “They’ll try to come in without ID, but we’re very strict on ID. We’re very strict on underage drinking.”

    Was Da’Rick held back in high school?


    • Prov

      I think it’s 18 to get in 21 t0 drink


    • MT

      I miss all the old Athens bars that had that; thankfully there were still a few around my freshman year.

      With GA Theatre temporarily gone, can’t think of any that still operate that way DT


  6. JasonC

    Also, did you notice she said they gave the players preferential treatment by waving the cover? I wonder if that is a secondary violation.


    • Paul

      My guess would be only if the bar owners are involved as boosters. That’s what The Blind Side taught me, at least.


      • I’m not sure that’s the issue.

        Here’s the provision from the NCAA rule book that seems to apply: Entertainment Services. A student-athlete may not receive services (e.g., movie tickets, dinners, use of car) from commercial agencies (e.g., movie theaters, restaurants, car dealers) without charge or at reduced rates, or free or reduced-cost admission to professional athletics contests from professional sports organizations, unless such services also are available to the student body in general.

        And here’s the penalty:

        16.01.1 Eligibility Effect of Violation. A student-athlete shall not receive any extra benefit. Receipt by a student-athlete of an award, benefit or expense allowance not authorized by NCAA legislation renders the student-athlete ineligible for athletics competition in the sport for which the improper award, benefit or expense was received. If the student-athlete receives an extra benefit not authorized by NCAA legislation, the individual is ineligible in all sports. Restitution for Receipt of Impermissible Benefits. For violations of Bylaw 16 in which the value of the benefit is $100 or less, the eligibility of the student-athlete shall not be affected conditioned upon the student-athlete repaying the value of the benefit to a charity of his or her choice. The student-athlete, however, shall remain ineligible from the time the institution has knowledge of receipt of the impermissible benefit until the student-athlete repays the benefit. Violations of this bylaw remain institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1, and documentation of the student-athlete’s repayment shall be forwarded to the enforcement staff. For violations of Bylaw 16 in which there is no monetary value to the benefit, violations shall be considered institutional violations per Constitution 2.8.1; however, such violations shall not affect the student-athlete’s eligibility. (Adopted: 11/1/01, Revised: 8/5/04)

        My guess is that if there’s a problem, it will be settled with a charitable repayment.


        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          From “The Bylaw Blog:” (h/t Josh Ward)

          “Statements from the bar owner like the fact that “all” of the UT student-athletes visited the bar and at least some were on a first-name basis with the owner (meaning they were presumably regulars) means the total value of the benefits could be up into the thousands of dollars even if the benefit was only $2 to $5 a pop. The key issue will be time and how far back UT can find evidence of the extra benefits.

          If this has been going on for longer than just this summer or involves more than the handful of student-athletes who got into the brawl last night, UT is likely looking at a major violation.”


  7. dean

    The best comment from the linked story:

    d_ray writes:

    How many Vol football players does it take to beat up one man? Apparently 7 to 10. (the strength and conditioning coach has a lot of work to do).

    Well played sir.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    Wow. Given the incredible odds against me winning the lottery or banging Ashley Judd, this is probably the best news I could have woken up to this morning.

    For future Da’Rick postings, Senator, I request that you replace the article “the” with “Da'”. As in: “Da’Arrest of Da’Rick took place after Da’Bar Fight in which an officer was left unconscious with a head wound. Da’Officer was apparently not in uniform at Da’Bar.”


  9. EastCobbDawg

    The more you followed Da’Rick and his actions, even while he was still committed, there just always something there that said character issues. The Facebook “look at me” stuff was juvenile but you could overlook some that, however there was one incident when he was on an official visit to Georgia and was supposed to meet with the Academic Advisors and he decided to skip that part to go back to Calhoun that set off a warning about him. I had wished we had gotten him but I still would have been concerned about off field stuff with him. Maybe he’s not that bad of kid, but controversy seems to have a way of following him around.


  10. Tommy

    Before his first reception? Hell, he hadn’t been to his first practice yet. This kid is Kelly Washington all over again.


  11. thewhiteshark

    I didn’t see his buddy in the photos. Wonder where he was while this was going on? By all accounts they were joined at the hip during the recruiting process.


  12. JC in Powder Springs

    Oh come on everybody, cut NuKeese, er I mean DaRick, some slack.


  13. 69Dawg

    Welcome to the SEC Mr Dooley. Now we’ll see if he is as big a hypocrite as most college coaches.

    It does seem like a little piling on there with 7 to 10 against 1 patron and one off duty officer. Kicking the policeman while he was down will at least result in a suspension from summer workouts.


  14. shane#1

    I guess UGA dodged a bullet on this one, which is good because we haven’t ducked many lately. The UGAPD is very saddened by the news, they missed a chance at a real arrest for an actual crime.


  15. Andy

    I wonder if the off-duty cop was able to get his middle name before he was knocked unconscious.


  16. WFdawg

    Any ideas of how this will play out in terms of disciplinary action?


  17. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Media is referring to this as a “brawl.”

    Seven or eight football players kicking an unconscious police officer (or anyone else) isn’t a “brawl”, it’s an act of depravity.


  18. Dog in Fla

    Scuttlebutt is that everything in the Knoxvegas lounge had been going just fine even though Thursdays are typically the busiest weeknights just like they are in Tuscaloosa.

    Then suddenly, over in the spelling bee corner of the lounge, right across from the liars’ dice section of the bar, there arose a clatter over how to spell and punctuate Da’ricks’ first name.

    Some German exchange student scientist interning in Oak Ridge kept calling him Das R’ickie. Things went downhill from there.

    Before they ever got to how to spell and punctuate his middle name, Walking Tall and John Law showed and the rest is just another chapter in the thick Vol a’thalette history book.


    • I have to admit I’m a little surprised that orange isn’t the color of choice at Knox County booking.



      • DawgPhan

        wasnt the story that it was orange for a while, but then several inmates escaped and no one knew that they were inmates, just thought that they were vol fans. lol…vols can suck it.


  19. Free TD TN

    And I would have whupped all 6 of em too if I hadn’t been so drunk.

    Touchdown Tennessee!


    • Mike Hamilton

      The “T” on the batmobile is there so that our on-call drivers for the Vol Witness Protection Program can readily spot a fully gassed-up and ready-to-go getaway car from the Athletic Department fleet of volvehicles.

      When time is of the essence, as it always is here and in a Le’Mans-style start, every few seconds help.


    • The Realist

      Why were they covering their faces? Everyone knows who they are. They have been watching too many tv shows.


      • 69Dawg

        They are taught to do that in the Vol freshman orientation class, “Perp Walk 101”. The driver is the class instructor for that class and “Get Away Driving 205” both are required classes for both football and basketball playa’s.


    • HVL Dawg

      I’m having fun now!


  20. shane#1

    It seems that charges are pending against a third player. Fulmer Cup, here we come. I knew those damn Ducks couldn’t hang with the SEC.


  21. Turd Ferguson

    Damon Evans should sign up for Derek Dooley’s Character Development program. Sounds like it’s really working wonders up there in Knoxville.