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Entrenched in Knoxville

As controversy swirls over the program in the wake of the Bar Knoxville Brawl – player arrests, suspensions and at least one dismissal being the start and a potential NCAA major or secondary violation being perhaps the finish – you can’t help but be impressed with the way that athletic director Mike Hamilton has taken charge of the situation and become the face of the program.

What’s that, you say?

… Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley served as the university’s lone voice Friday when he provided a statement that did not address looking into Bar Knoxville’s “VIP status,” but sources told the Times Free Press that Morton’s claims already are being investigated.

Athletic director Mike Hamilton did not return messages from the Times Free Press…

Sorry, I must have had him confused with an AD doing his job.

Seriously, after everything that’s gone on in the past eighteen months, how is this man still gainfully employed by the University of Tennessee?  Has he got pictures of someone in a compromising situation?

If I were a UT fan, I’d be seriously thinking about buying the man a couple of drinks and planting orange panties in his car.



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It worked for Tom Landry.

Tommy Tuberville wants you to know it’s all about the clothes, man.

“When people see me they will say, ‘The guy may not know how to coach but he knows how to dress.'”

You’ve got to figure a suit’s good for one or two more wins a year, right?


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