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Monday afternoon buffet

Here are a few things to nibble on:



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But we do small thinking so well.

If this were written by someone other than Tony Barnhart, I’d tip my cap for the snark.

… Two things should not factor into the decision on whether or not McGarity is the right person to lead Georgia’s athletic department: The fact that he’s worked at Florida for 19 years and the fact that he once worked for Dooley at Georgia.

Some don’t want to hire Florida’s No. 2 guy under any circumstances.  Others believe that Adams will not hire someone with ties to Dooley given the past conflict between the two men.

Both points of view represent small thinking. …

True.  So what’s your point, Tony?


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It’s all those other folks with country accents who are red-necks.

If there’s one thing that cracks me up about Southern football rivalries, it’s listening to one fan base insult another about its lack of breeding/culture/class.

So, yeah, it’s safe to say that I got a laugh out of this quote from a former Tennessee recruiting coordinator (h/t The Wiz of Odds).

“We like to think that our facilities are bigger and better than everybody else’s,” he said. “In reality, they’re not. They’re as good as everybody else’s. Alabama, Florida, LSU, Georgia – they’ve all got nice facilities.”

So what makes UT special?

“I’d like to think that Tennessee has got some class to it,” Higdon said. “We’re not a real red-neck group of people.”

The Tennessee Wine and Cheese Society ponders which wine to serve with brie en brioche.

I thought being a red-neck was like being pregnant:  you can’t be a little bit of either.


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Dancing with College GameDay

ESPN decides we need to see more of its college football preview show on Saturdays in the fall… and even more of a certain personality.

ESPN will formally announce Monday that its College GameDay football show this fall will expand — and add Erin Andrews.

The Saturday morning show, which began 24 years ago as an hour-long studio show from ESPN’s Connecticut studio but now attracts thousands as it airs at college campuses hosting big games, will run three hours starting at 9 a.m. ET, up from two hours and a 10 a.m. ET start last season. It also will be simulcast for the first time on ESPN Radio. The show will also allow Andrews, who is America’s most-famous TV sideline reporter and who recently signed a new contract to stay at ESPN/ABC, to appear as a part-time host and feature reporter.

Be still, my heart.  How much Corso can America stand, anyway?

It’s depressing to think what the WWL will toss in to that third hour.  One thing’s for sure, it won’t be in-depth analysis.


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