But we do small thinking so well.

If this were written by someone other than Tony Barnhart, I’d tip my cap for the snark.

… Two things should not factor into the decision on whether or not McGarity is the right person to lead Georgia’s athletic department: The fact that he’s worked at Florida for 19 years and the fact that he once worked for Dooley at Georgia.

Some don’t want to hire Florida’s No. 2 guy under any circumstances.  Others believe that Adams will not hire someone with ties to Dooley given the past conflict between the two men.

Both points of view represent small thinking. …

True.  So what’s your point, Tony?


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15 responses to “But we do small thinking so well.

  1. Dog in Fla

    “I’m not trying to bribe you” Tony but I’ll take two of whatever it is you’re taking if you think Michael will actually hire McGarity. Have you not seen Michael work a dark lounge before?


  2. Chuck

    “Some don’t want to hire Florida’s No. 2 guy under any circumstances. Others believe that Adams will not hire someone with ties to Dooley given the past conflict between the two men.”

    I don’t understand either point. Hiring UF’s #2 guy is taking some one successful and something of value from them and giving it to us. It is actually an argument in favor of hiring him. Plus, we have hired from UF before in the coaching area. As far as his connection to Dooley, it seems to me that DE had some Dooley connections also – he played for him – and even if MA is a paranoid megalomaniac it has still been 17 years that McGarity has been at UF!! I want the best person for the job and if that is Greg McGarity, damn it, hire him.


    • Zdawg

      Chuck, don’t let reasoning get in the way of hatred for the mullet jortsmen of lizardland.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      DE is a classmate of mine. I don’t think he redshirted; that would be the only way he would have played for CVD.


  3. hassan

    As soon as Derek Dooley is finished dismantling the Vols through dismissals, we should hire him. Thereby ensuring that UT will be pretty useless for the foreseeable future.


  4. anon

    Have we seen if Jeremy Foley would listen to us? Sure it would be expensive, but a few new trophies would take care of that in no time.


    • Tommy

      Foley’s next move is commissioner of a BCS conference. I can’t fathom how you go from being the wildly successful head of one of the three most successful ADs in the country to doing anything less.


      • Mike

        Foley was named as a possible replacement when the SEC commissioner job was available. He declined to pursue the matter then. Why would he entertain any other conference?


  5. Tommy

    I think the ties to Dooley and UF are red herrings designed to generate comments and links. Surely no one with even the slightest inkling of the gravitas of this hire is going to give a shit about those two (non-)issues.

    But, hey, I hear Mike Garrett is taking calls.


  6. JaxDawg

    Hire McGarity and be done with the silly shit.

    If Adams fcks this up he should be stoned to death.


  7. gatriguy

    Just a hypothetical of course, but say we get McGarity and he is against renewing the game in Jax. Given his closeness to the Florida program, I wonder what “the location has no impact” crowd’s reaction would be?


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’d say he was a double agent who was still on the FLA payroll. But, I am willing to take that chance–hire him ASAP.