Frankly, it can’t get here soon enough.

Joe Schad reports that Georgia’s fall camp opens July 31.


UPDATE: Maybe they should consider moving the date up.


UPDATE #2: As Ivan Maisel puts it,

… July is the end of the college football summer. You can tell it’s about time that practices start. Look at the headlines on our college football page: a bar brawl at Tennessee, drug charges at North Carolina, alcohol issues at Georgia and Iowa. Coaches want players on campus so that they can keep them practicing, in school and busy. Evidently, they aren’t busy enough.



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8 responses to “Frankly, it can’t get here soon enough.

  1. HVL Dawg

    I just can’t wait.

    Aside from our beloved Dawgs, we’ve got some very interesting non-conference games to watch early in the year. In week 1 we’ve got LSU vs North Carolina. In week 2 we’ve Alabama vs Penn State, Tennessee vs Oregon, Miami vs Ohio State, and Florida State vs Oklahoma. Week 3 Clemson vs Auburn.

    These look like bowl season games. I hope they are all pitiful tie games with lots of injuries.


  2. brad

    Anybody watch “Band of Brothers”? All this trouble reminds me of the end of the war when all the men were basically through fighting and living in Germany as occupiers. They had spent so much time working for a common goal and once that was accomplished, they were lost. Their superiors didn’t know what to do with them. They got drunk and raised hell. It was kind of like Athens in the off-season.

    I agree. The season can’t get here soon enough.


  3. Reptillicide

    Oh let’s not act so shocked over this. When I was a student at UGA, every summer was the same story. As people got back into town, everybody went out and hit the bars and lived it up before classes got started. And the cops were especially miserable to deal with at that time.

    I don’t get all the people with their panties wadded up asking “how could this happen?! HOW?!!”


    • This all makes me glad I went to college when the drinking age was 18 —- of course I didn’t start college until I was 21, but that’s a different story


  4. JC in Powder Springs

    Maybe it would be better if all the players went home for the summer and return when camp starts. Is it that great to have them on campus doing 5-on-5 drills voluntarily if it means there’s a lot of potential to get in trouble? I know players train year around now, but 6 weeks off at home to rest up before camp doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Mama can babysit these guys better than CMR can.


    • No way on sending them home. Way better to at least be around team mates and friends that made it to college. I know the people around my hometown were always doing way worse things than I ever got into at UGA.


    • Puffdawg

      Haven’t you ever heard Steve Spurrier teel the Doug Johnson versus Shane Matthews story? He’s only told it, like, every year he’s been a head coach! Seriously though, guys get a lot out of summer workouts.


  5. Jim from Duluth

    Two comments here:

    1. I am also glad the drinking age was 18 when I was at UGA.

    2. The ajc doing a freedom of information request related to Damon strikes me as a total waste of time. Since Damon is now out as AD, everything from this point on is simply his private business that he will have to address with his family in some way. The only possible way this might affect UGA (and by extension, we as fans) would be if there are other ‘flings’ with UGA staff or students.